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VR Space Stalker

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Developer: FIBRUM
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 32.9 MB
Downloads: 7
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Updated: 02.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


VR Space Stalker is a smartphone app, a mobile space action game.


The main task of VR Space Stalker, like any other mobile game, is to entertain the user and brighten up his free time. In fact, this is a space simulator in which you can imagine yourself as a pilot of a ship, constantly getting into adventures in outer space. This includes chases through asteroid belts, battles with space pirates and the police, and treasure hunt on distant planets and their satellites, and solving interesting thematic puzzles. This is not just a way to brighten up your leisure time, but also an opportunity to immerse yourself in a whole adventure world, learn something new and interesting for yourself, enjoy high-quality and beautiful graphics and captivate your friends and acquaintances.


VR Space Stalker as a mobile space game offers:

  • solving puzzles (for logic, horizons, mathematical abilities, etc.) - the ability to stretch your head and get an internal reward for it;
  • beautiful design and graphics with virtual reality effect - you can enjoy the illusion of immersion in real space, even from the screen of a mobile phone (a world in 3D 360, close to reality);
  • exciting adventures, quests and exploring new planets and worlds;
  • technical side: you can modify your ship, study its structure, change parameters and settings of devices to increase speed, maneuverability, stealth and protection;
  • the ability to connect and sync with virtual reality glasses for full immersion in the atmosphere of space without leaving home;
  • gradual complication of levels and tasks so that interest in the game does not fade away, and the gameplay does not get bored with monotony;
  • alternation of types of tasks: puzzles, chases, battles with pirates, treasure hunt, exploring new planets, etc. - if you are tired of one thing, m�You should at any time switch to another or wait for the next level quests;
  • choosing a character, creating his appearance, character, strengths and weaknesses - you can shape yourself, or you can also shape who you want to represent yourself;
  • encounters with various aliens and battles with them, the principles of which may differ for different species;
  • the ability to connect a joystick to enhance the gaming experience is rare for mobile games.

VR Space Stalker has a free trial period, during which you can play the game, evaluate its capabilities, features and chips, explore the functionality and variety of quests, admire space in the maximum possible immersion illusion. After the free period expires, you can either pay for the further game (one-time payment, not by subscription), or use a promotional code to extend the free version. Promotional codes are regularly updated, you can find the actual ones on the Fibrum Platform (Fibrum VR) - you will need to register here even if you want to pay for the full functionality of VR Space Stalker.

For a full-fledged game in VR Space Stalker, you need either virtual reality glasses (the application is compatible with almost all popular models of well-known manufacturers, but first of all, this is Fibrum VR, which are sharpened specifically for the company's products), or a virtual reality helmet with 3D functionality. It is also possible to play without these devices, but not so interesting - the graphics from the screen of a mobile device may seem dull and poorly designed. This is precisely because it is sharpened for the 3D format. But for evaluating the functionality and capabilities of the application, this may be enough.

You can download VR Space Stalker for Android for free, but taking into account the fact that after the test period you will have to pay for the further opportunity to play (or find the current promotional code). The game is available on PlayMarket, an APK file is also distributed for mouthDownload (when downloading it from the official Fibrum Platform website, you can be sure that it is safe to unpack).

VR Space Stalker for downloaded 7 times. VR Space Stalker is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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VR Space Stalker
Added: 2020-06-20
VR Space Stalker
Added: 2020-06-20
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