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Its fun cuz you can create your own character and do magic stuff! but while I was in the middle of the game I was stuck on a quest It told me to decorate my dorm so I did but the quest is still there it says Its not done so I keep trying but It won't work and there's no more quest to do, plz fix this! but Its very fun btw ^^



It works, no registeration failed. Bug fixed. I uninstall the game and then download it again after few days and it works. But how do i add friends and make Club. I don't know anyone's ID.



I like this game, but I want to interact with more stuff. In your bedroom, you can only really disply stuff. Just trying to get to the 3rd level is hard. I doubt this will happen, but eh. You can really do much because you don't have the full game, which is pretty disappointing. It makes you feel bored and lonely. This games seems pretty old, so I bet you this won't happen. But, hopefully when they update it again, there won't be a full game, and this one wll be the full game.



I can't get to level 5 because every time I press the button to level up to the next level that stupid store keeps on popping up of the heart's and diamonds and it's driving me nuts cause I want to move on to the other levels!!!!! But why does this have to happen on my most favorite game?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I want to continue so bad!!!!!!!



Always showing add a friend and telling to switch on the WiFi, when switching on also tells switch on your WiFi. This game is nice in graphics and imagination but still something more can be added like red fountain, specialists, pixies and pets. Hoping to get this game better than before



The game is fantastic. I'm really glad you uploaded the app because it's worth it. First of all thank you for adding the "watch add" option" 'cause it actually saved me😂 And also the graphics look better now! I'm really happy for this upload. A request: Could you make more outfits for the fairies? Or more things for the dormitory? Thank you for making this game, I absolutely love it! 💕



I really love how adorable the game is, the problem with it -is the clothing variety, and the graphics. If the graphics were to improve plus the clothes from not looking ahem the same. I would love this game alot more -just my criticism here. I seriously do hope you achieve on getting this game upgraded, because I can understand that it can be hard x.x.



The experience was great. Even though you have to pay to get the full version. Can the 5.99 version be free to play? I really want to play the full version so badly. I love the lite version as well because it prepares me for whatever challenges are ahead of me. I hope i can play the full version real sooooooon. 😊😊



I really love watched the series and all the games of winx club. I really like this game, but there is a problem with this game. The video doesn't work! it always says video error 100 and try again later! They should fix it.



It's a fun game and stays true to the Winx brand. My only complaints are that I'm getting quests I can't complete, such as drink a potion or use a spell, because there's no way to interact with these items once they're in my inventory. Also, I can't add friends or make clubs, but most of my quests are related to messaging friends or making a club. And I have no way to put my Believix wings in my dorm. As a suggestion, I'd like to be able to customise my Bloomix and Believix outfits and wings.


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Winx Fairy School FULL FREE
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Winx Fairy School FULL FREE
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