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Comments on Google play



It played 2 separate long ads I couldn't skip before I was even able to play. I uninstalled it immediately. Ads ads ads! Terrible



Internet connection required to do anything in game. Ads constantly flowing at most times, and x in top right doesnt always work. bad game.



this is the worstand most laggy game ever i hate it. and it doesnt have a lot have characters and we need more freedom. i thought this game was gonna be cool but instead i deleted it in my first battle...its so laggy and again no freedom, this just makes me angry and upset. i want to find an actullay cool and not stupid game, something descent... also it has really bad graphics



There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the power, strength, and weaknesses of each unit. The cavalry do absolutely nothing except run around. This needs a complete overhaul.



superbowl amount of commercials. picked mode, commercial, picked unit, commercial, played 10 second battle, commercial. 10 seconds of game play, THREE COMMERCIALS. not worth it.



The biggest horrible controller terrible the units are too expensive the good ones seriously on the controls are terrible I don't know if I mention that but seriously look at number two and make it a tabs



This game is good the reason I rate 3 because when I play the game in sandbox I control both army I chose blue them be sleton (sorry that I don't khow how to spell that) and red to be human and then BLUE AND RED ARE HUMANS but the good news of the game is the houseman is good and I expected the horseman horse to be faster and if you make it faster and delete 65% of all ads I rate 4 if you make this game a lot better better than now 10x more better by updating and the new stuff is Bug fix 10xbter



It's really bad there's a lot of glitchs the animation a little good but the glitchs are so bad sometimes they stop moving sometimes they stop attacking it's bad



It's a good game but once something is locked onto another thing it won't stop. Say if there's like 50 goblins around a Knight but the knight has locked onto a goblin that is like on the other side of the map, it will just forget about the 50 goblins and try and go for that one goblin. Apart from that it can be a little glitchy at times especially when you have max troops like 120/120 but what the hell do you expect, the game plays alright same with the graphics and controls...



This game needs MAJOR improvements! When I try to zoom in, it zooms in too far and it drops more troops down! When I go to put more enemy troops down, it glitches again! WHAT KIND OF GAME CAN'T LET YOU ZOOM IN TO GET A BETTER VIEW!!!!! This game is a... BIG WASTE OF TIME!!!

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