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Comments on Google play



Fun but could be better. There should be a time limit on a player to take their turn before it automatically forfeits for them and you should be able to choose your icon. It's just random which kinda stinks.



The game is great I just wish you only used life's to start new games instead of every round. Because of that you can't really play more than a couple games at a time or you have to wait for a new life to take your turn



Overall it's a great game. Would prefer if the connection errors in it would be fixed since I have perfectly working internet and a working phone but it continuously says I lost internet connection and messes up my games.



The only reason this rating is so low is because you have to spend a life to play each turn of each game. This was not the case when this game was first introduced. If not for that, I would play all the time! As it is, I will probably delete it and just stick to Trivia Crack. (Four stars if they change it back to one life per game.)



It's great other than you lose a life every turn instead of every game. That's extremely unfair and I have to wait forever to get more lives to keep playing. Eventually, I lost interest in the game because I kept having to wait long periods of time to get lives.



Fun game to play. Only issue I've had is that I need to back out of the game just to switch between my profile, home, friends, chat, and channel. It's really irritating to have to close the app every time.



So much fun . Then it started freezing. Every time options of second chance or new life, game would freeze and only way to get out of the game is to accept losing game. Not fair, and not fun Fix it. I am uninstalling.



I really like this game, but I'm currently having an issue with it. I paid for 30 minutes of hearts with my coins, and it's not allowing me to use it. I've tried reloading the page and exiting the app, and it hasn't started working. Other than that, I LOVE the app. That's why I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5.



This is a great game I love that you can pick specific categories. But I am not able to suggest, rate, or translate any questions. When I try to the app just crashes. The app also just crashes at random times.



The game is so good but i have a bug that i can't access the Home page because there's always the "Discover all the channels!" warning and it just doesn't disappear, so i can't access the page. Please fix it!


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Trivia Crack Kingdoms
Added: 2021-12-18
Trivia Crack Kingdoms
Added: 2021-12-18
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