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As amazing as the first two, but I got terribly stuck a few times (even with hints). I'm unsure what the process is to get the alternative endings? There didn't seem to be any places I could deviate from the main puzzle on my first time through. I love playing through these games again every once in a while, so I suppose I'll find out if anything has changed 😂.



One of the most entertaining puzzle games I've ever experienced. The graphics are outstanding the sequences keep you guessing throughout. No additional expenses like so many pay to play games. Hours of enjoyment, a few glitches where it takes time to line up but well worth the price. Highly recommended. I've played The Room 1,2 and 3 look forward to part 4.



Great puzzles, loads fast, graphics are good. It has a really cool, mysterious atmosphere as well. The difficulty level was perfect throughout and the hint mechanics are clever, with tiers of hints that progressively reveal more the longer you are stuck on a particular puzzle. And the art design is just 👌. Highly recommend if you like immersive puzzle games



Very engaging story, it kept me interested the whole way through. Definitely a brain teaser, very much a puzzle box within many other puzzle boxes. You really have to step back and look at all the clues and look at them from many angles to find that perfect alignment. I really like that even some of the clues are puzzles within themselves. Very enjoyable! Great work Dev team!



I enjoyed playing the game. This is the best of the three I played. Many satisfying puzzles with hints when needed. The graphics, music score and game play are very satisfying indeed. The only improvement would be increasing the light in the graphics, as it was frequently difficult to discern details in the graphics. It may be that I'm a senior, but I did get through it. My next move: revisit Three or move on to four. Thanks for a game that is well done.



If you've played the first two Room games, this is more of the same in the best way possible. With one caveat. And this is likely a tad nit-picky. I came from playing The Room 1&2 on PC, and transitioning to touch controls was a little finicky, particularly puzzles that required simultaneous motions. That being said, the puzzles were all excellent and I have very few complaints with the game itself. Definitely a solid play got people who love puzzle boxes.



I've played all four games in the series, and The Room Three is my favorite for gameplay. Some of the puzzles in this one are really tricky! I've played through it twice, and I still had a hard time with some of it. I like that you have the option to turn hints on and off, and - MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD, DO NOT READ IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE STORY (which you should, this is more than just a puzzle game folks) - the four different endings are totally worth your time.



I don't usually play the escape games that cost money, particularly ones as expensive as this one. But I have to admit, this one was worth it. the graphics were amazing, it had enough plot to keep me interested, and the puzzles were the right level of difficulty. The POV allows for puzzles and secret clues to be hidden in hard to find places, which was fun.



There's not much to say, it's a great game. Challenging yet solvable puzzles and hints of a mysterious story. Hints (if needed) are helpful, and the system is very good (option shows up after a short time without progress, no ads). There's a lot of content. The main game took me 6 hours to complete, and there are more alternate endings to explore. A battery drainer for sure, but high quality content. I will agree with others here however that the time spent going between rooms can be annoying.



Actually worth the price. Normally I don't pay for mobile games but, this is the only game I have paid for. I actually own The Room 1-3 and The Room: Old Sins. All are excellent games and will not bore you like some other puzzle games do. This game is especially fun as it as four alternate endings for you to figure out. The puzzles can be a bit challenging at times but, not impossible. There are built in hints that are FREE! If/when the next one comez out, I'm getting that one as well.

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