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The Room Three

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Developer: Fireproof Games
Categories: Puzzles
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 0 MB
Downloads: 6
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Updated: 29.12.2020
Limitations: Everyone


The third game quest, which includes puzzles. The mechanics of the game is the study of locations to collect the necessary information and the location of objects / tips, with the help of which it is possible to solve urgent tasks


The in-game screen, on the left, displays an inventory that is always open for use. On the top right, there is an icon, when activated, the game menu opens. At the moment of training, at the initial level of mastering the gameplay, and when the hint mode is activated, at a certain moment, explanatory comments to the game are displayed on the device screen. After detecting the components and composing their combinations, a lens icon appears on the right of the screen, with the help of which it is possible to examine an object in a different color spectrum for additional information. There is no cursor in the game as such.


The start menu includes several options (4). When activating "Parameters" you can:

  • Perform hints on / off.
  • Adjust sound volume.
  • Select language.
  • Enter graphics settings.
  • Delete games.
  • View the list of developers.

The game menu can be opened by clicking on the icon located at the top right of the screen.


All actions are carried out using the switch "mouse". There are no movements. When studying an object, inspection is carried out by rotating the overview camera around it. Rotate with the mouse, by clicking LMB.

How to save the game

Saving is done in automatic mode. During the passage, the player can use the ability to restart the chapter that he completed.

Important! If during the gameplay there are problems with the high-speed mode of transportation of objects of manipulation during the implementation of actions, then you will need to exit the menu, adjust the graphics.

Attention! to enlarge the screen, you need to click on it in the passage text to view the pop-up screenshots, click on the active links that are highlighted in red in the passage text.


The prologue of the introductory part of the game requires you to complete a tutorial on navigation skills by following the instructions displayed at the top of the screen.

As described above, no difficulties should arise during the game. Over time, the aforementioned actions are automated, but for now, a start has been made, the player has to "fill" his hand in the game and gain practical experience in passing episodes.

The Room Three for downloaded 6 times. The Room Three is distributed freely in the file type txt.

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