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Name Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client Extension: apk
Version: 5.5.5 Size: 35.5 MB

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Termius is hands-down the best SSH app with great sync functionality and a remarkable UI. The features in the terminal are great. One request is to allow swipe-to-type in keyboards while using the terminal. Other than that, this is fabulous.



This app provides a great terminal experience that can handle most commands. It works great with my Bluetooth mini-keyboard. I haven't used the account feature to store sessions or share them. Other terminal apps I've tried didn't work with my mini-keyboard and also lacked many of the function keys needed for quick commands and shortcuts. Also, it's ad free.



good but copying/pasting is REALLY bad; sometimes when i touch and hold to paste it thinks i'm selecting and there's NO way to make the balloon thing go away besides touching one of the commands (copy, select all, etc) or by unfocusing the app!! also sometimes when i scroll up and try to select something, it thinks i want to paste at the bottom. and the balloon flashes whenever it appears; it's just really bad. But most frustratingly touching away from selected text should unselect it!!!!!!!!!



Amazing client but I despise the idea of a monthly/yearly subscription for "premium" features. It's an app, not a magazine or hosted service! Features such as host chaining, file browser and proxy shouldn't require you to host anything that would require monthly / yearly payment. I continue to see this trend and it's sad. I want the app and I wanna call it mine. You would get more money from me if you let me buy features outright. One payment and features are mine for life.



This is BY FAR the best mobile SSH client I've found. Best of all, there are NO ADS within the free version of the app! SSH File Transfer is available as a paid feature (a bit too pricey for me), but it allows full-featured remote terminal support, including a very elegant way of managing Keys and Passwords. Terminal sessions remain active in the background until you explicitly close them from either the notification or within the app.



App works great with my Note 10+. No issues setting up public/private keys or connecting to my server. Great configuation options. I like that I can use a bluetooth kyb and still have a banner at the bottom of the screen with shortcut options at easy reach. An added bonus is that Termius recognizes URLs in text and takes me to my browser to follow them.



At least this app works with the built-in touch screen keyboard on my tablet. It loses the connection with the host when my device (client) goes to sleep (screen off). The power saver functions have been turned off and other apps that use wifi still work while the device is sleeping. It needs to be able to maintain a telnet connection even while the device is asleep. It would be nice if I could set some kind of alias or run a bash profile start up script upon making the connection.



It's a nice app & does many things well; however 3 issues. When using from DeX, it does not keep state well. #1 Whenever I unplug the terminal sessions r gone. I would like to be able to receive a call & come back exactly where I left off. I think if you start sessions from phone it keeps, but there is a bug that make it capricious. #2 There is no way to set ur custom shortcut keys to switch between tabs. #3 I would love to get split windows w/ ability to jump via shortcut. This would make it perfect (desired but not deal breaker) Otherwise, it's really functional. Pls fix #1 that's a real deal breaker!



Fantastic app! I just wish premium didn't cost $10/mo. If I were using it in my day job, perhaps it would be worth it, but just using it to ssh into some boxes in my homelab from time to time, it isn't worth it. It would be awesome if we could just pay a one time fee for Android only and promise not to use it for monetary gain, then if we did, we could subscribe to the $10/mo version.



Generally a very good ssh client, but the lack of controls to explicitly set screen size and character encoding (e.g. 80x24 characters, ISO-8859-1, etc.) keeps me from giving it full marks. Yes, some legacy software still cares about that, or at the very least doesn't deal well with its dimensions changing on the fly if it's moved from one login to another in screen/tmux; if you have such software, it's not always easy to it over a login with this client.


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Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client
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