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Text Scanner Japanese (OCR)

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Developer: Generic Co
Categories: Tools
Android version: 3.0+
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Updated: 07.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Japanese Text Scanner (OCR) is an application for translating scanned or photographed Japanese text into text format for further work with it.

Why do you need an app

Manual typing from scans or photographs, paper documents, books is sometimes necessary, but it carries a lot of difficulties. After all, it is long, tedious, easy to make a mistake, missing a letter or a whole line, confusing words, and so on. It is especially difficult to do all this with Japanese text.

In order to facilitate the work of typesetters and everyone else who has to translate a scan into a text file, the Scanner application was invented. It allows you to decipher the inscriptions on the picture (scan, photograph) in two clicks and translate them into text format. It works with scans loaded into the phone's memory, or you can take a picture right through the application, here and now.

Then the text can be edited, changed, saved, translated, sent to someone via messengers or by mail. The application works using OCR technology.

The Scanner application will be useful to everyone who in one way or another comes across the Japanese language. Students, people working with Japanese partners and needing translation of documents, anyone interested in Japanese culture and learning the language.

Application Benefits

The Japanese language scanner has the following advantages:

  • quick text decryption;
  • work both with uploaded scans and with images taken directly through the application;
  • the possibility of further work with the text - editing, translation, sending;
  • function to quickly send a file via instant messengers, social networks or by mail.

Important. Optical character recognition technology is constantly being improved. It does not guarantee that the text will be 100% recognized. To improve reliability, it is important that the labels are clear, moatney, with the correct outline, without blurry areas.

How to use

Working with the Scanner is easy. There are just a few things to do:

  • upload a photo or scan, or take a photo right now;
  • select a horizontal text area in the snapshot;
  • click on the icon for recognition;
  • get the finished result.

Further actions with the text - at the discretion of each. The text can be edited, edited, translated, sent. The application has all the possibilities for this.

Installation and use

You can download and install the scanner application for free on any platform that distributes software for mobile devices (including the Play Store). The program is compatible with all smartphones and tablets based on Android.

The interface is straightforward. The menu consists of several buttons, which are easy to understand.

Text Scanner Japanese (OCR) for downloaded 3 times. Text Scanner Japanese (OCR) is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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