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Text Scanner Korean (OCR)

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Developer: Generic Co
Categories: Tools
Android version: 3.0+
Size: 18.4 MB
Downloads: 5
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Updated: 07.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Korea Text Scanner (OCR) is an application for recognizing Korean text on various images and then translating it into text format.

Application Description

The application scans the Korean text located in the images and translates it into text format. This allows further manipulations with it: translate, edit, send, and so on. The translator is built into the application, so working with foreign text is quick and easy.

This program is based on optical character recognition technology.

The application will be useful for students studying the Korean language, as well as for all those who work with partners from Korea and are faced with the need to interact with documents in this language. And, of course, to everyone. For example, there are many people who are interested in Korean culture today.

Application Benefits

Korea Text Scanner (OCR) has the following advantages:

  • the ability to both take pictures in live time mode and work with photos of text loaded into the phone's memory;
  • multifunctionality - working with texts of different directions;
  • built-in text translator;
  • the ability to quickly send the finished text via instant messengers or e-mail.

Important! The scanner cannot display the text 100% accurately. The possibility depends on the clarity of the image, the features of the style and other nuances. The developers are constantly working to improve the program.

How to use

There are several steps involved in using a scanner:

  1. Upload an image with text to the gallery or take a live photo.
  2. Select an area containing text using a special function.
  3. Display the image horizontally.
  4. Click on the reading icon.
  5. Check the finished result.

Then you can work with the text as required: translate, edit, save, send, and so on.

Installation and use

The application can be downloaded and installed for free. All features are also completely free, but there is advertising. The scanner is compatible with any smartphones and tablets based on Android, starting from version 3.0.

The application interface is simple and straightforward. All the features of the program are in a few buttons. The menu is comfortable, no hassle. Therefore, any consumer will feel comfortable using the scanner.

Text Scanner Korean (OCR) for downloaded 5 times. Text Scanner Korean (OCR) is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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