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Dream Wedding Planner - Dress & Dance Like a Bride

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Developer: Coco Play By TabTale
Categories: Role games
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 47.7 MB
Downloads: 1
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Updated: 07.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


Dream Wedding is a casual simulator that allows you to feel like a real wedding planner in an accessible, playful and multifunctional format. The game is available on Android devices.

Game Features and Features

  • Everything is like in real life: the organizer needs to prepare a grandiose feast on the occasion of the creation of a new unit of society so that the newlyweds will definitely remember the wedding for many decades.
  • The complex of events includes a lot: it is necessary to prepare a colorful, unforgettable cake with an individual design, order a room for a wedding event, invite a high-class DJ, control the progress of food preparation for the wedding, and so on.
  • There is nowhere without a pastry shop: only here you can arrange an individual, unforgettable cake, as well as personally control the progress of its preparation (it is important not to confuse with the ingredients, otherwise the newlyweds will be unhappy).
  • The wedding hall is also entirely in the care of the organizer: visual design, style, furniture arrangement, invitations, planning entertainment events, as well as ordering and controlling the preparation of the main wedding menu - this is just an incomplete set of organizer's responsibilities within the wedding hall .
  • Before the main event, it is necessary to provide the newlyweds with proper preparation, for example, in a spa salon, so that both the bride and groom look their best.
  • The outfits of the newlyweds and guests, that is, the functions of a fashion designer and stylist, also fall on the shoulders of the organizer: for the event to be held in a grand and chic manner, it is necessary to dress people up in unforgettable and suitable clothes, including individual design of dresses and suits.
  • Don't forget about makeup: an individual marafet will make not only the newlyweds, but also the guests of the party the central figures during dances, thematic contests, and so on.
  • Dances also need to be worked out in detail: complex planning of the music program will not do without the control of the organizer.
  • Throwing a bouquet is one of the most important components of any wedding event: the organizer must make this event no less bright and unforgettable not only for the bride, but also for her many friends.

In a word, the game implements the opportunity to feel your credo in organizing weddings, from preparatory events to the nuances of holding a wedding directly during the event. For obvious reasons, the game is more suitable for girls, since guys are not interested in such topics, perhaps with very rare exceptions, so to speak "for fun", but this is rather a special case.

Dream Wedding Planner - Dress & Dance Like a Bride for downloaded 1 times. Dream Wedding Planner - Dress & Dance Like a Bride is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Dream Wedding Planner - Dress & Dance Like a Bride
Added: 2020-07-02
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