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Snes9x EX+

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Developer: Robert Broglia
Categories: Tools
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 1.3 MB
Downloads: 19
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Updated: 02.01.2023
Limitations: Everyone


SNES 9x EX + is a useful mobile application in the genre of emulators, it allows you to play games that are not available on the android platform.

SNES 9x EX + Application Features

Thanks to the functionality of the application, everyone immediately understands that SNES 9x EX + belongs to the genre of emulators, because it allows you to open files that are not available on Android.

Let's consider separately the requirements of the SNES 9x EX + application. In order for you to be able to successfully install SNES 9x EX + on your mobile phone, you need to have an android operating system. As for the android version, everything is very simple here, it must be at least 2.3 (for modern smartphones this is not a problem at all).

The weight of the SNES 9x EX + app also needs to be said. It is also not very large (only 1.4 megabytes). In this scenario, installing the SNES 9x EX + should be easy and in just a few seconds.

It is worth saying that the SNES 9x EX + emulator is often downloaded by users, they want to feel the times when they could play their favorite games. The SNES 9x EX + has no restrictions at all and also has pretty good reviews. SNES 9x EX + app is one of the best mobile emulators.

How to use the SNES 9x EX + App?

At first, you just need to complete the most standard procedure - install SNES 9x EX + on your smartphone, immediately after installation, start it. When you start the application, you will be asked to access the mobile phone memory. It is recommended that you accept this request, otherwise you will not be able to load games into the emulator.

And now, when you have already agreed with all the requirements and accepted everything, you can start using this emulator. SNES 9x EX + is available in English, but the app is so simple that you don't even need to know English.

In order for you to be able to play old games, you need the game to be already on your smartphone as a file. To download the gamein the emulator, you need to click on the button called "Benchmark Games". After clicking you will be transferred to the memory of your smartphone, there you can see all your folders and install the game from there into the SNES 9x EX + emulator.

In order to install the game - just click on the file, then it will be loaded into the application. After downloading, you can actually start the game itself. It is also worth noting that this emulator has the ability to change control or even graphics. All these settings will be available after clicking on the "Options" button.

SNES 9x EX + App Features:

  • High-quality mobile emulator with a lot of customization
  • Thanks to this application, you can play the games you missed so much again
  • The application has a fairly simple control and a very discreet design
  • SNES 9x EX + available in English
  • Change the controls in SNES 9x EX + if you don't like it
  • You can play the game using a special joystick (it resembles a joystick from old consoles)

Snes9x EX+ for downloaded 19 times. Snes9x EX+ is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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