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Name Psiphon Pro Extension: apk
Version: 354 Size: 29.8 MB

Comments on Google play



working this application very good in the world and special me ok the best I can do forever I love it clear the average of all the people use this application to help the people of the world to use the same thing to the following people who have this application very good and they have special needs to help



I love this app but it is slower than its counterparts.However,at this low speed,I can use it on my routines.Thanks. PS,this morning,it connected at 2+mps while other VPN connected at 20+.



Best vpn server in ever world . Its very good vpn and nothing have any problem and remdom connection. And also to give free internet with best speed. 😁 . Very nice app but one things that only jio sim connect neither idea nor videa,Vodafone,artel pls fix it and one's again thenks for such luxury app🙏👍👍



Look, this is not a great amazing supersonic VPN, but it gets the job done. Does it sell your data on eBay? I don't know. But it works fine for being free. It's the only thing that enabled me to use the public wifi at my school without restrictions.



Psiphon so weird I've been using it when I was college student then it works then later on it doesn't connect so I deleted it. Now I'm already graduate I tried it again it works again and after more hours it started not connecting again! It was fast this morning now it's not is it the limit of time we could use it everyday???



Not working with downloads anymore. It could be because of the OS update on my device, idk. It just doesn't work like it used to



Its already good .. the only down side now is the connection and when my receiver cannot accept the call even if she have a good connections. Sometimes i see those when she try to call me. I can't accept the call even i already click and spam the accept button.



Its not bad tho the signal of the vpn is good but in no time outta no where it disconnects automatically and it says that Psiphon pro is using battery and when i see it it only uses 1% of battery like what the actual hell!? But its good. Sorry for 3 stars but please fix this problem🙂👍



I love this application. This is the best VPN application I have ever tried. I thank the developers and the team for making such a awesome VPN . It is fast , reliable and easy to connect. I love the whole team Once again thank you for making this application free of cost . 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 I am very happy with psiphon



The connection is great and I'm fine with the Ads. It'll be nice if you improved the design a little bit.


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