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Name Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps Extension: apk
Version: v11.10.221 Size: 69.5 MB

Comments on Google play



Not impressed. The interface is pretty much cŕap. The app doesn't bring any visibble extra compared to e.g. Osmand, which is free and open, and has much more useful features...



Speed cameras have not been updated for Serbia. Your SRB.nsc have less then 10% of existing SC. Some free navigation applications have better information for speed cameras. Since you do not want to update the data, give us the opportunity to add cameras. Bring back the .txt file for SC. What's next? What is the next option you will exclude? Until then, you have the lowest possible rating.



Works well Just what I need to travel around India



Don't update please, the app was great in the past and the maps was in format nm2, and we could track friends and send messages with this app, but now all is changed hope you can downgrade this app as before, in my opinion Google map is the king of navigation but the difference is is the tracking friend, don't loose your app without this service



Sorry , but this application is no match for some of the other offline and completely free applications ! I tried it out of curiosity but after testing it to navigate to two destinations decided not to keep it . I gave in the search field Düsseldorf International Airport and one other well known POI but it couldn't find any of the two !! I am being kind in giving the app 1* !!



Wants access to all files and permission to make calls - doesn't open without them. Funnily enough, it doesn't ask for permission to access location. Completely useless if you care about privacy and security.



Had to adjust the stars to 2. Updates stil give wrong speed information. Although advised here tot mail support, they never answer. Last problem.. I regularly swap devices, unable to register, I am using to many devices. So bad investment for this app.



The speed shown in the app is slower than the ODO display. Please add the feature to add the speed so that it matches the actual speed. Also, Vietnamese voice guidance was gone all of the sudden. Upcoming speed limit warning ahead was gone after update. Why?



I am using 7 day trial period version. Why it is not working on Android Auto? It says please buy Android auto support on the phone. Before buying the app, I need to know how it works on AA. When I go back to phone, there is no option to buy AA. Please provide Android Auto support during trial period too!!



Used in Czech Republic, on a navitel t700 3g lifetime700. Not a bad navigator although the maps are someway behind that of "Here we go". Also the speed markings for roads/area, and safety/radar camera data out of date in comparison with Garmin or Sygic. Could also do with a "Dashcam" feature and ability to change GPS co-ordinate input from current DM.m to D. or D.M.S. , and it would certainly help if contacts data could either be pasted into the Route destination address or into GPS co-ordinates as on most other (free) offline map android apps.


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