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Category: Simulators

Размер: 34.2 MB

Updated: 22.01.2022

Developer: PAC Sistemas

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Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator is an exciting game from the category of racing, it is an interesting simulator. Here everyone will have a unique opportunity to ride the best vehicles, enjoy high speed and enjoy realistic graphics.

Game Features

Thanks to this interesting simulator, it will be possible to look at one of the professions from a completely new angle. The player will be able to build his own career here as a driver of a large truck. The best trucks from the world famous Mercedes Benz company are available in this game. On them, everyone can go on a very exciting journey, ride through the streets of a big city called Rio de Janeiro.

Each new trip will be a real challenge for the user, because in it you will need to show all your driving skills. In addition, during the trip, the player enjoys car adventures, after its completion - gains invaluable experience.

The simulator is realistic and entertaining, because the user is given a unique opportunity to visit the famous places of the big city, during his journey he will be able to evaluate the trucks and choose the best one for himself. Everyone will find a huge number of challenging and exciting missions and routes where you will need to transport various cargo.

The game is suitable for males of any age. It can be downloaded for free and installed on any device on the Android platform.

Application Benefits

Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator is considered one of the best online driving simulators, where anyone can take one of the best trucks and drive it through the streets of a big city. Here you can enjoy the process, admire the beautiful views, because high quality graphics will help to convey everything, as in reality.

To begin with, there are 5 cars to choose from, and each of them has its own unique �Characteristics, a number of features, which will also need to be paid attention to when servicing and caring for the truck. The player enthusiastically drives along a given route, transports various goods, earns money for it, and also periodically repairs the car.

One of the main advantages is that the characteristics of automobile vehicles can be improved by purchasing special parts and pumping over old mechanisms. It will not be difficult for users to understand the controls, everyone will easily plunge into the world of the game.

This is one of the highest quality trucker simulators, where all vehicles are represented by one brand. The manufacturer is considered one of the best and most famous all over the world, because Mercedes Benz has long managed to win its fans and connoisseurs of high-quality cars. Perhaps some players will be bored here, the gameplay is the most standard here, because you constantly have to do the same job - to transport goods from one point to another.

But each trip will end with the fact that the gamer will definitely receive money for it, which he can spend on improving the qualities and characteristics of the existing vehicle. They can also be used to buy a new truck.

The game will be interesting to play in multiplayer mode, for which it is enough to call your best friends and have fun in good company. Do not forget that each of the five available trucks is designed for a specific task. Not all goods can be transported on one vehicle, so periodically the cars will need to be changed.

Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator for downloaded 22 times. Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Realistic interiors and exteriors of trucks.
  • Multiplayer mode available.
  • Several controls.
  • Realistic road traffic system.
  • Need to refuel the truck.

Version History

Mercedes Benz Truck Simulator 6.31
30.07.20 89.6 MB Download

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