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Developer: imdev
Categories: Maps and navigation
Android version: 2.3+
Size: 2.1 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 28.04.2020


  • Check blood ppm level.
  • Calculation of the time for complete elimination of alcohol from the body.
  • Set a notification about the opportunity to get behind the wheel.
  • High accuracy of calculations.
  • Russian language support.


  • Outdated design.
  • No updates.
  • For some countries, the information on the allowed blood alcohol level is outdated.


Breathalyzer is an application for drivers that shows the level of alcohol in the blood and allows you to determine whether you can get behind the wheel. To do this, calculations are carried out according to the Watson formula, which most accurately shows the level of alcohol and calculates the time after which you can again get behind the wheel. You should be very careful about these indicators and, in order to avoid trouble, do not set off ahead of time.

In order to more accurately determine the level of ppm in the blood, you must enter the exact amount of alcohol that you consumed at your leisure, as well as its type, which will allow you to make correct calculations and, of course, indicate all your parameters according to which they will be determine the data, as well as calculate the time that needs to be waited out.

The app also has a built-in feature that will help you not miss the moment when you can get behind the wheel. To do this, you just need to select the "Wake me up" option, then after a specified time it will notify you or wake you up.

Application Benefits

  • High accuracy of the calculation;
  • Determination of time accurate to second;
  • Unique warning function;
  • The ability to warn you when you can drive again, considering that you will not use anything else during this time.

The application is very easy to use and calculates in a matter of seconds. In comparison with all other analogs, it is possible to obtain the most accurate data. It is enough to download the application to your phone to conduct the test and get all the necessary data. With it, you can not worry about getting into an unpleasant situation and even more so you will be fined.

Watch your safety and try not to get into unpleasant situations. And if you drink alcohol or want to have another glass, it is better to check in advance whether you can get behind the wheel after that, or you will have to abandon this venture. Enter the data as accurately as possible, otherwise you will get incorrect calculations and the distance will not give an accurate answer. This can lead to trouble later. Small details are very important in this formula, which will affect the accuracy of the test.

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