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Grand Taxi Simulator: Modern Taxi Games

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Developer: Gaming Legends - Free Racing & Trending Games
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 47.9 MB
Downloads: 17
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Grand taxi simulator is a taxi driver simulator for mobile devices running Android.

Game Features and Features

  • High quality graphics in full 3D.
  • An interactive and detailed game world.
  • A detailed everyday life of a typical taxi driver working as part of a taxi company (for example, a dispatcher call system has been implemented, or maps using GPS for orientation in the city).
  • A well-developed refueling system (you need to keep track of gasoline and consumption).
  • Unlimited passenger flow (you can play indefinitely until you get bored, or your fingers finally lose flexibility).
  • You can play without being tied to the Internet (offline mode).
  • The game offers a variety of game modes (for example, time trial).
  • A traffic light system has been implemented, as well as an imitation of activities within a large city (transport and pedestrian traffic, traffic congestion at rush hour, etc.).

Taking into account the imitation of the activities of a typical metropolis, including the features of traffic flow, imitation of pedestrian behavior, the implementation of small nuances such as pedestrian crossings across the road, a car damage system and everywhere placed traffic lights at intersections, - Grand taxi simulator will fully allow you to feel in like an avid chauffeur driving a classic yellow checkered car on the roof.

The player's task is simple: upon a call from the dispatcher, move to a specific location to select a client, not forgetting to follow the rules of the road. Then, having reached the place, receive new instructions and promptly drive the client to the destination. Traditionally, the amount of payments directly depends on the speed of delivery and the accuracy of driving, while any collision or violation of traffic rules will reduce the total revenue.

In some ways, the game resembles the famous arcade series Crazy Taxi, only with a more serious approach to the gameplay as opposed to the hilarious madness of its arcade counterpart. However, if you are tired of a purely business-like approach, you can always arrange a fun time trial and compete in a more fun style. Moreover, the game encourages speed: clients pay extra for efficiency, which is a good incentive to hone speed skills, taking into account the accuracy of driving.

Grand Taxi Simulator: Modern Taxi Games for downloaded 17 times. Grand Taxi Simulator: Modern Taxi Games is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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