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Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle

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Developer: F.I.L Games
Categories: Puzzles
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 58.2 MB
Downloads: 6
0 / 0
Updated: 05.08.2022
Limitations: Teen


Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle is an addicting 3D puzzle game that's not as easy as it sounds. The point is to free the hostage from the room and bring him to the exit unharmed. But is it that simple?

Why Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle Is Fun

The peculiarity of the game is that at first the puzzle seems incredibly simple to you, and you are sure that you will solve it in no time. You just need to free the character tied to the ceiling and release him from the room. Do you think you just need to cut the rope and open the door for him? No matter how it is!

As soon as you start solving this puzzle and get involved in the gameplay, you realize that everything is not so simple. The problem is that your hero still needs to get out of the room alive, and a lot of traps await him below: holes in the floor, a killer bear, springs, rotating slabs, wall teeth and much more that will impede movement towards the door. Whether your hero will be able to reach the exit and escape depends only on you.

Test your intelligence and knowledge from physics

To correctly solve the puzzle, all your actions must be in a certain sequence. You need to catch a certain moment and cut the rope, somewhere you need to wait, somewhere to pay attention, for example, to which way the door opens, somewhere you need to cheat and be resourceful. You will also need some knowledge in the field of physics, well, and a general understanding of the situation in general.

Set your personal best

The plot of the game Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle is based on the fact that the man is held hostage, but there is generally no cruelty and horror, which are usually inherent in games about hostages and terrorists. The very atmosphere of the game is cute and friendly, with nice graphics, so be careful: the puzzle can drag you in for hours.

The game has several difficulty levels. Each time you have to save the little man and lead him to the exit, but with each new level on the way to the door there will be more and more traps and obstacles. Therefore, be careful, resourceful and set your personal best for completing the game with the least number of moves and the death of a character.

By the way, the number of attempts to solve the puzzle is not limited.

What else interesting awaits you in the game:

  • high-quality and rich 3D graphics;
  • many levels of varying difficulty;
  • simple intuitive interface;
  • interesting puzzles;
  • fun puzzle solving process.

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle will pull you in from the very first minutes, so you can download the game for Android right now for free and check if you can solve this puzzle and free the hostage.

Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle for downloaded 6 times. Rescue Cut - Rope Puzzle is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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