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Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter

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Developer: SayGames
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 110.3 MB
Downloads: 20
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Updated: 21.02.2023
Limitations: Teen


Johnny Trigger is a platform action game for Android mobile devices.

Game Features and Features

  • The game offers hurricane gameplay over many dozen levels: Johnny Trigger is a born master, shooter and assassin, performing the most difficult acrobatic stunts along the way, combining them with point shooting at numerous targets.
  • The player will need nerves of iron, endurance, as well as a first-class reaction: even a single mistake during movement can ruin everything, and then the level will have to be completed from the very beginning.
  • There is a slow-mo effect (just like in The Matrix, when Neo dodged Agent Smith's bullets). That is, during the game, a slow-motion effect will often be used in order to emphasize Johnny Trigger's spectacular acrobatic stunts.
  • The player also has an advanced physical model: if it is impossible to kill the enemy in the usual way, gravity, numerous explosive substances, as well as ricochets, tricks in the style of "Prince of Persia" - all this can be successfully opposed by the most protected, or distant opponents.
  • Innocents cannot be killed: during Johnny Trigger's movement, it is necessary to calculate the fighting style and behavioral model in such a way that no hostages are injured during the mass extermination of enemies (even if Johnny activates an explosion through the destruction of an explosive, as a result of which a group of enemies will suffer and only one hostage - the level will have to be replayed).
  • Johnny Trigger is dangerous, charismatic, muscular, a jack of all trades, and is also literally armed to the teeth: during the gameplay, as many as 57 categories of firearms can fall into the hands of an elite assassin, with which you can arrange enemies without any problems local apocalypse (forget about theThere is no need for anybody).
  • A juicy soundtrack will only spur the player: it is much more fun to arrange bloody showdowns accompanied by cheerful music, especially if it is combined with hellish gameplay.
  • Be careful: periodically on the way of Johnny Trigger there will be especially strong enemies, that is, "bosses", which are much more difficult to cope with: a charismatic hero will need all his ingenuity and abilities, as well as tactical skills and the ability to quickly, dynamically analyze situation for a possible victory.
  • During the game, you can customize the character and change Johnny Trigger beyond recognition.

Johnny Trigger will give you a lot of funny minutes and bright, unforgettable positive. As soon as you start to pass the first level, it will be almost impossible to come off the next. Moreover, the levels in the game are short, but full to the eyeballs, so it will definitely not be boring.

Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter for downloaded 20 times. Johnny Trigger: Action Shooter is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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