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Cover Fire

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Developer: Genera Games
Categories: Action
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 47.3 MB
Downloads: 42
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Updated: 07.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


A new shooter that reveals additional boundaries of the game space: the design of the visual and musical parts, as well as the game process is considered, if not the best, then one of the.

Always wanted to oppose a large corporation, defeat them and establish your own rules on a huge territory that will be subject only to you? Then this game is especially for you.

Lead a small squad of enthusiastic soldiers, oppose the corporation, and enter the warpath. Upgrade weapons, protect your soldiers, strategically plan an offensive against a huge corporation that destroys the fate of not only the poor people left on the sidelines, but the whole world. For someone, neglecting everything for the sake of money is a trifling matter, but you must be a man of principle, a man capable of supplying your soldiers with the necessary ammunition, taking into account the character and strength of each. And most importantly - do not forget about strategic thinking - this is the only way to defeat a huge system, incurring minimal losses.

But any war has a goal, all hostilities take place because of something or even someone, and, most importantly, for the sake of something. Go to your goal adamantly, maintain trust among your soldiers, do not disappoint them and do not deceive: by creating a strong team around you, you and your loved ones are close by, you can sweep away everything on your way that prevents you from reaching your goal.

Wage war all over the world, there are no restrictions on locations: choose the places of battles and study them carefully. Expand your arsenal with weapons that will effectively destroy the enemy during battles, as well as practical when moving. Change your soldiers even during battles: each of them may need rest, and a stronger and healthier soldier will lead you to victory. Calculate your actions well, because the outcome of the battle is difficult to predict: the war will not be easy, and the enemy will not surrender without fights, in which you will also lose your soldiers.

Aren't you afraid to challenge the corporation? Then prove that it is you who are capable of leading your squad to victory over universal evil.

Cover Fire for downloaded 42 times. Cover Fire is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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