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Google Home

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Developer: Google LLC
Categories: Life style
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 69.7 MB
Downloads: 28
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Updated: 22.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • Control Google Home, Nest and Chromecast.
  • Smart home control.
  • Conveniently connect new devices.
  • Create your own scripts.
  • Receive instant notifications of all events.


  • Some features are not available in all countries.
  • Willfully "lose" some devices.
  • An individual device cannot be removed from a group.
  • Problems with finding and detecting devices.


Google Home is an application that will allow you to track everything that happens in your house. Now you can always stay up to date and follow everything that is happening in your home. No matter where you are, all the basic functions of a smart home will be available to you. The application will not only notify you about everything that is going on there, but will also allow you to configure the basic commands that will be enabled using the simplest actions. This will save you a lot of problems and will allow you to turn off the light in no time, wherever you are, or a device that you could have left on by accident.

However, you should take a closer look at this system, since in some countries not all functions work, and therefore you will have to look for another way to connect them to your application. With the help of Google Home, you can easily set up the Smart Home system and stay up to date with all the events. Not a single shadow can flicker past your window or door, without your knowledge, and if you notice something strange, you can always call the police from anywhere in the world, notifying them of a burglary attempt.

Google Home Features

  • Ability to control Google Home, Google Nest and Chromecast from the main application, as well as all systems connected to the smart home.
  • You will be notified of any changes that occur during your absence.
  • Important events will not be left without your knowledge.
  • You can always keep an eye on your children if you have to leave them alone for a while and be sure of their safety.
  • Control your Wi-Fi network by setting parental controls and prioritizing devices.

This application is completely free and allows you to stay up to date with all the events that just happen in your home. No change will be left without your attention. You will be sure that your children are not doing anything weird or visiting questionable sites. Be sure of the safety of your home, as well as of your family and friends, whom you can help from a distance, with the help of constant monitoring of the safety of your home.

Google Home for downloaded 28 times. Google Home is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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