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Comments on Google play



This app is ok. The only things I don't like is that one of the buttons doesn't work, unless you download an older version. If you do download an older version you can't use wi-fi at all, if it's on it'll be turned off, not that it's needed anyway. This app also doesn't tell you specific things to do in order for the gamepad to work correctly. You have to watch some YouTube videos to find out what needs to be done in the gamepad settings. I had to do that to find out how to make the gamepad work to play Undertale



Not bad, the controls are great and working, but why does it sometimes disappear? It disappears at random times, and even when i tap on the nofitication it won't pop up, sometimes. Pls fix this problem, or maybe i pressed something to make the game pad disappears



Hello, This is a really nice app! However, I wanted to suggest a feature that would change the d pad into a joystick. Using the d pad is really hard and it stutters my character walking.



I have 2 issues with the app,and they're related to the notifications.i sometimes do not get notifications even if i have them on for this app,and have to reinstall it.the second would be that i sometimes have to restart my phone since we can't renew a notification.If these problems were fixed,i would definitely give this app 5 stars!



the gamepad tap to show feature does not work after turning it off and on again, after seeing the others complaining the same thing, please fix this so we can give you more stars as this is very useful for emulating various games just that one downside can destroy someones experience in that certain emulated game so as to give you less and less stars. In other words "Help us Help you"



It's a cool app, but sometimes the gamepad notification doesn't show up and when it does it won't work. This has proved to be rather frustrating as I have downloaded and reinstalled this particular app multiple times. Please fix this issue, and I will make it a priority to rate 5 stars.



The Undyne fight is insanely hard so I had decided to switch to keyboard by swiping to the other option. The up arrow does not work, a major con for playing. Other than that,The gamepad does its job but a few additional things such as button size, direct keyboard switching button and key customizations and using a joystick instead of the plus with a mild detail animation for better understanding is needed. Then its a five star.



Its good, very good. But the button opacity is just so poor and the buttons just stop working sometimes, and for the joystick, made many variations of it, like we could have the current one as the default, and the analouge joystick we have for mobile video games we have as well, would like to see that being implemented in too. And the gamepad notification when sometimes when i click on it, the gamepad buttons dont show up despite the fact i have gamepad keyboard imputted.



This is an ok app, the are a few problems though 1. It drains the battery faster than any other app I've used 2. It takes forever to get the gamepad on the screen because when I tap the notification that says "tap to show gamepad" it doesn't appear at all and I would have to keep on trying 3. After a while the gamepad will remove itself from the screen, this happened to me while I was playing Undertale Please fix this



HI! This is a good app. What I was looking for. But the background of the game pad is not transparent. It occupies to much of the screen so I can not use it. I saw a video on you tube where the background is transparent. Is it possible to change the transparency or the app does not have that option. Cause it would really be a 5 star app. Thank you!


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Added: 2020-06-20
Added: 2020-06-20
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