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Factory Inc.

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Developer: menghuangu inc
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 65.2 MB
Downloads: 2
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Updated: 21.12.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Factory Inc. Is a simulator for managing your personal factory. Upgrade your equipment and manufacture a wide variety of products to generate profits and expand your business.

Run your own factory from your phone screen

This is an addicting clicker game. In it, you start by selling simple stones. Of course, this cannot be called a profitable business, so it is advisable to process the stones. Tap stones to turn them into more expensive sand, then upgrade it to glass, and so on. Each resource displays the number of clicks required to improve it. Clicking can be automated by purchasing presses, saws and other equipment, as well as improving click power. To do this, you will need a lot of game currency, for which you need to sell enough resources, or more expensive finished products.

Factory Inc key features:

  • Nice graphics.
  • Addictive gameplay.
  • A wide variety of all kinds of goods that you can produce and sell.
  • Opportunity to expand your business.
  • Purchase of 20 types of equipment: saws, presses, etc.
  • Hiring managers with their own unique capabilities that will help automate work and, as a result, make a profit.
  • Many improvements.
  • Challenge Mode.
  • Availability of translation into Russian.

Looking for a fun and free clicker game? Then download the Factory Inc Android app on your smartphone.

Factory Inc. for downloaded 2 times. Factory Inc. is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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