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2 knights

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Developer: Laurent Bakowski
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 9.3 MB
Downloads: 0
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Updated: 12.10.2020
Limitations: Everyone


2 Knights is an arcade game for mobile devices running Android with a focus on physical activity on the fingers of both hands.

Software Features

  • This is a first-class finger trainer: allows you to while away a few evenings out of boredom, combining the gameplay with the development of the limbs (this way you can improve not only flexibility of the fingers, but also reaction, overall coordination of movements, and synchronization).
  • To play successfully, you must overcome obstacles of the same color as the character on one side. If you fail, you'll have to start over.
  • If at first the tasks do not look too harsh, then you will have to act not synchronously, but control each character separately, which will require a huge level of concentration and endurance.

In fact, 2 Knights is not a game in the literal sense of the word, rather it looks like a simulator, like "keyboard" games with the need to print individual letters and whole phrases as the character progresses. Here is a similar concept, only without the letter designations: the player needs to take control of two nameless protagonists on opposite sides of the screen, which run in different directions. The task is to competently manage the characters in such a way that none of them fall into the trap and lose their lives. The biggest challenge here, given the touch controls, is to control two characters at the same time, sometimes even synchronously, using the fingers of both hands. Considering that each person has only one hand as the leading one (it is used more often in everyday affairs), evenly distribute the load on both hands without loss of quality, and most importantly, concentration, while maintaining a calm-blooded calm, will not work with all the desire, and one limb in the end it will lose. So "2 Knights" does not forgive such mistakes and requires a verified, thoughtful gameplay, when literally every step is analyzed and thought out. The slightest inaccuracy (fingers can simply lose their sensitivity and "crap"), and the game is over.

In principle, in a different role, "2 Knights" is useless, as it adheres to a minimalist style in graphic performance, which even borders on primitiveness (graphics in the game are at the level of arcades of the eighties of the last century). However, despite this, it is exceptionally good as a trainer.

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