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Name Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure Extension: apk
Version: 1.8.3 Size: 164.4 MB

Comments on Google play



This game is not too bad not too good but when we play in ghost mode, add comes after sometime but when a gameplay add comes then there is no option of cross ❌ to continue in game and when we click on our mobile during add, then it opens play store and when we exit play store and back to game, we have to start again from starting this happens me everytime Pls fix this essue



I have seen that this game have a nice graphics but only one problem is, that if you want to recharge your item you have to see ads. In old versions this bad problem was not there. We can use infinite times. So, please kindly grant my wish, and remove ads for recharge items. Thankyou☺️☺️☺️☺️



This game is great. This game can give you real Goosebumps. Great Graphics. But the school is too confusing. Objects are harder to get in this confusing school. And puzzels are also somewhat difficult. But still I'll give you 5 Stars.



This game is good,it's a fun game I really like it but there's only one problem when I play,there is always and ad every minute and it's a problem because when I'm almost finished an ad pops up and it messes the game up and resets the whole entire game but besides the ads it's a pretty fun game to play



Very best game. I like this very much. This game much better than granny. Good graphics. 6 modes like dream,ghost,easy,normal, hard and extreme. Good controls. When I search for horror games. I got this. When I bored I play this and I happy. You can purchase weapons, upgrades, evil nun's head,body and weapon and more. You can try too.



This review was pretty old when I first wrote it. So I will rewrite it after like 2-3 years... The game can work perfectly fine now, game play is great and I love all the escape methods. However I feel like the game needs fixing here and there such as going into the game and getting kicked out. Even with Wi-Fi turned off, overall great concept and the design of the nun is wonderful, much less scarier then the old one for people to handle, map layout is kind of confusing, but still a great game.



Hello I would like to tell u about a small bug in my game the bug is when I just passed the epic ending the game doesn't reset like everything from the levels are still there and I uninstalled the game and installed it again and nothing changed



Very good and immersive. It really surprises you how the nun can actually crawl. Well designed map, and very scary. Perfect difficulty too.



Its a Good game but the flame thrower and the explosive diaper were better off with limitless uses so please change it back. I would very munch appreciate it. Also The fact the nun can wack the kids if and when they try to escape is unfair, it makes me very agitated when im saving the children, I get very uptight worrying the nun will catch one of the children, an idea for a secret ending in the next update is we turn the nun from bad to good and free the children of there masks.



Very good game. Very good graphics. I love this game because we can buy every thing. But in ghost mode it contains few ads. But every games contain that.


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