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Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure

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Developer: Keplerians Horror Games
Categories: Arcade
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 128.7 MB
Downloads: 69
0 / 0
Updated: 11.12.2021
Limitations: Teen


  • A detailed atmosphere of horror.
  • Variety of puzzles.
  • Simple controls.
  • Several levels of difficulty.
  • Large selection of weapons.
  • The game is distributed free of charge.


  • Screamers.
  • You can fall under the textures.
  • Ads and paid content present.


Evil Nun Horror at School is a first-person horror quest game. The player will need to get out of the school, where strange things happen and terrible monsters live. The protagonist of this game was in the school building for a reason, because the evil nun specially locked him in the school and does not let him out so that he can enjoy the horror that she has prepared for him.

The player will need to go through a large number of terrible and most importantly dangerous quests in the form of tasks in different rooms, solve all the puzzles that come across on the way and use any objects and objects that will come across him in order to free himself from the horror that is happening around. His main goal is to prevent the evil nun from reaching him and destroying her as soon as possible.

The player needs to be as calm and quiet as possible so that the nun does not hear him and does not come running. The character of the game needs to be outside the doors of this school as soon as possible.

In the first person, you need to move around the school, try not to make noise and pick up any objects, since in the future they will help the player solve some riddles. The user will be able to control the character using a virtual joystick and clicking on the found objects in order to pick them up. The game will definitely appeal to users who love horror games with a scary and creepy atmosphere.

It is worth remembering that there are screamers in the game, that is, one noise from the character and a nun will immediately come running, abruptly and unexpectedly. There is music in the background, which is calm in places, and in places eerie, especially when a nun is near the hero. The game takes your breath away not only with the music, but also with the atmosphere itself, which completely immerses you in the gameplay and makes the user join the atmosphere of the game in order to feel like in the place of the hero he is playing for.

Of the features of the game, it is worth noting that it has high-quality graphics with a three-dimensional look and high quality textures. The player will not be able to get bored in the game, as there are a large number of rooms with different puzzles. Each puzzle is challenging and interesting at the same time. The controls in the game are pretty simple. You can also choose any difficulty level.

Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure for downloaded 69 times. Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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