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Name Eureka – Are you up to the brain challenge? Extension: apk
Version: 2.1 Size: 52.1 MB

Comments on Google play



The app is great. I really enjoy using it. The levels are great and it also shows your progress which I really like and it also gives you the chance to do level again if you fail the first time. Also you can revisit old levels again. I would definitely recommend this to others.



Kind of a BS game . Some games make no sense or just confusing . All are mini games but no CLEAR rules figure everything out Everytime is just dumb exhausting and down right annoying . I don't mind a thinking game but come on . This game goes out of the way to just .... IDK but the fun factor wore off way too fast . I'd wish the devs good luck but I'm just to annoyed at point to even go that far . Oh made it to lvl 35 . Some 88 in the top left corner . Whatever that stands for.



Fun until Find the Intruder UPDATE -- The update was finally available. Working great now. Read that there was a bug that was fixed. But I still am not understanding as the numbers are in order, the sum of the numbers are in order, the numbers I figure are correct are not. Please explain this as I am not a math major, although I can do payroll, this is just frustrating to find the intruder.



These mini games require quick reaction times and are often more about speed than logic. But they are an enjoyable time killer and I find they help wake me up in the morning. I thought it well worth making the small one off payment to remove ads entirely.



I actually really enjoy this game. Sometimes I find the 3 stages of each level redundant/ not actually more difficult which I do enjoy. It would be really cool to be able to see what skill areas each level targets/ be able to choose which types of puzzles/ games you can play.



Too many adverts ,bit hit and miss on some of the way the questions are asked a bit to much American at times. Overall I find it a fun and relatively easy game which can catch you out clever. BUT TOO MANY ADVERTS!



This is a fun game! When I tap on the screen, the game sensitivity is off. I have to tap hard on the screen for the game to even recognize that I'm touching the screen. Which is extremely annoying & frustrating, because I loose out on completing the level perfectly!!! *** Please fix the screen sensitivity & maybe I'll give a better review! *****



In levels that involve dragging, it's hard to drag the shapes smoothly. It's like the shapes are being pulled or stopped, making the pulled movements not to be smooth. The level "memorise the arrow's angle" is ridiculously hard. For the third part there are two angles which are almost similar and yet given such short amount of time to choose the answer?



Nice puzzles, quite diverse as well to train different abilities. EDIT: personally I would have preferred an increment in difficulty, instead of having 2 modes, where the difficult one is mainly having to do it 3 times instead of 1. I'd started easy, building the challenge on as you progress, where the challenge is not just how many times you have to do it, but less time available, faster objects, bigger tables etc etc. My 2 cents



Been playing for a few games, tried the expert mode, and so far only some levels are really challenging, so I'm just trying to beat over the 97%. No ads so far, which is actually impressive. I should give another review later; if I forget means I either stopped playing or the game is worth the 5 starts

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