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This game sucks. When it originally came out it was awesome. I played everyday and had cars for every level and even had a Hall of Fame level 9 car. UPDATE. Now the game sucks even more. You can't just free play anymore and be able to do upgrades by just playing. You have to buy special chips and many different chips. CM your game sucks. Bring it back to the original platform. All these players giving you a high rating are clueless as to how much better it used to be. You suck!



its a great game other than the limited ammount of classic muscle cars, the engine sounds, and lack of visual upgrades to the cars themselves. if you could add more classics including street rods, make engines sound beefier, or generally better, and add some visual upgrades including blowers, hood exaust, visual intercoolers ect ect. i dont think a drag racing game out there would be better.



Not the game it used to be... it seemed like it wasn't as buggy 5-6 years ago. Half the races I load up I have to back out of because my "pedal" button doesn't load up. When I have to back out I'm losing my rep, which I'm betting atleast 15 at a time. I just ran out of rep because it did this 4 times in a row. Some of the objectives don't work right, it doesn't record them properly, so it doesn't think I've done what its asked of me when I have. Love the game but its only a shell of former glory



Started trying the events and was just wondering about how the point system works when you win or lose races. I know it has something to do with the level of the opponent's car. Still confuses me a little that I can win a race against a lower level car and lose points or lose the race to a higher level car and lose points. Or win the race and not get any points. Why am I punished for cars with levels lower than whays allowed in the event. Frustrating. Little help understanding would be nice



This game has come a long way. I have been playing since The Supra was the Games cover picture, I'm talking 2008. I'm loyal to this game. However, still sucks that you guys still haven't designed or developed a portal or something where players can save their game content. I'm sure you guys make money off of this game. I would rate it 5 if it wasn't so much about money, if it wouldn't force close so much, & if there weren't so many ads. 4 if I could just play without it crashing. 3 stars it is.



Weird game. Has so much potential to be a 5 star game but too many odd choices by devs. The events limit you to certain cars, but somehow opponents have any cars they want. Also some cars max upgrade at level 5 for example, but you see opponents with the same cars in level 7 races. It makes no sense. Lastly the coin system sucks, especially based on the first point I brought up. You need events to earn coins, but it's hard to win a level 1-5 race when the opponents drive level 8 sportscars.



This game is filled with inaccurates in terms of building an actual performance car. The idea of gear reduction/torque multiplication and the predictable effect it has on a vehicle, for instance, has eluded the game makers. However, any realism(or lack thereof) aside, it's still a fun game to mess with when you're bored. The game would have much more potential, if they consulted with engine builders and people who design and set up the chassis for race cars.



Its a good game with a decent amount of stuff to it, but I dont necessarily like the level requirement for races as you can easily screw yourself over by selling the only car you can use. i think you should be able to do normal races at easier levels if you want so you dont get stuck. even easy once you progress can be hard. also the x5 multiplier for money does absolutely nothing. it changes the number from the race but my actual money never changes. once these are fixed ill change the rating



This game works flawlessly. There is zero sound from any car i use besides the sound of shifting. this has been a problem for over 5 or 6 years and nothing has been done to fix it. Its kind of sad really. Edit: i see that they have recently updated the game to make it compatable with android 11 but there is still no sound for most the the vehicles, So thats still a problem they havent fixed.



This game is straight bogus. First two levels, no problem. After that. I get slammed with ads. Even if I don't click the reward. Sorry I am poor and can't afford to remove ads. Besides how can I have fun if the videos require connection to continue. I don't have wifi and the game won't continue unless I close and open again. Sorry its better on the computer.


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