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Diamond Master

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Developer: Remoro Studios
Categories: Casual
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 28.4 MB
Downloads: 2
0 / 0
Updated: 07.08.2020
Limitations: Everyone


  • The most simple control.
  • Nice graphics and soundtrack.
  • Low system requirements.
  • No payment required.
  • Variety of tools and skins.
  • Online high score table.


  • Problems logging into the game.
  • Advertising presence.
  • The game is not updating.


Diamond Master is a compact, casual, simple and at the same time addicting toy for Android. It is equally well suited for pastime for children and adults.

What is the game about, what are its advantages

The essence of the game is extremely simple. You have to wander around the neighborhood in search of diamonds hidden in the ground. To get the next jewel, the player simply has to tap the screen often, often.

Diamonds, accordingly, will need to be sold, and the proceeds will need to be spent on the purchase of improved equipment for mining - in order, in turn, to be able to extract more and more new diamonds.

It would seem that everything is simple. However, it is surprisingly exciting and fun. There is no ultimate goal as such. The player gets money and points by mining more and more diamonds. You can compete with your points with other players around the world.

There are some RPG elements here. In particular, you will not only have to walk around the field and poke at the screen, but also choose tools for mining, visit a store inhabited by funny characters. They really grab attention right away here.

The graphics will surely appeal to those who have a soft spot for good old pixel toys. At the same time, there is a certain relationship with the notorious Minecraft. The Diamond Master does not shine with any special delights, however, it is visually made soundly, in its own, extremely original style.

Convenient control adds to the comfort of the game. You can understand it literally from the very first minutes of being in the game world. And the local interface will delight you with its simplicity.

The developers have provided for the presence of a charming and unobtrusive soundtrack, which does not distract from the gameplay at all, but on the contrary - it successfully complements the gameplay.

So, talking about the main advantages of Diamond Master, we can mark the followingnice moments:

  • Simple but nice graphics;
  • The ability to run the game without brakes even on a not very powerful smartphone;
  • Simple and addicting gameplay;
  • High-quality soundtrack;
  • Easy to manage.

The advantages of the game include the ability to download it for free.

How to install and download

To download the Diamond Master program to your smartphone or tablet, you first need to download the ARC installation file from here. All our programs, before being offered by you, undergo antivirus control.

Next, the file is transferred in one way or another from the computer to the phone, the folder containing it is opened.

Finally, the user simply clicks on a file in the folder and waits for Diamond Master to be installed on his device. Everything happens in a fully automated mode and does not require any active actions from the player.

Thus, we can recommend downloading the toy to the widest circle of mobile game lovers.

Diamond Master for downloaded 2 times. Diamond Master is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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