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Clue Hunter

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Developer: Lion Studios
Categories: Puzzles
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 41.6 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 08.09.2020
Limitations: Teen


Clue Hunter is a fun application in which the player takes on the role of a detective and will participate in unraveling various stories. The user is waiting for a variety of tasks and many interesting characters that can give a reward for helping in the investigation.

What is it

The game will be interesting for lovers of puzzles and secrets. Especially appreciated by those who often play detective genre applications. Clue Hunter is also suitable for users who have difficulty concentrating and thinking logically. Thanks to original plot puzzles, you won't want to be distracted by third-party things.

The application consists of various kinds of logical tasks that are not related to each other. The player will need to feel like a detective investigator who investigates crimes. What is especially nice is the lightweight interface that does not require close study. What is the essence of the task, where the tips are located and how exactly you need to interact with objects and characters, it will not be difficult to understand.

Also, when unraveling crimes, you need to collect evidence, without which it is impossible to get out to the criminal. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty of the game will increase, which affects the time it takes to unravel the motives of the crimes committed. This detail helps the player to feel the authenticity of the application, to get used to the role of a police officer. After all, in order to find a criminal, you need to think like a real employee of the organs. The game provides this opportunity completely free of charge, because it can be downloaded without additional payment. It is supported on mobile devices running on the android platform.

Game Features

The application has simple mechanics and message, and each level is a new storyline that intrigues and gains attention. There are also some features for the players, for example,Some like:

  • Variability of passing levels. That is, at each stage of the game, users have several options for communicating with the characters. You can respond by choosing from possible replicas and influence the further development of the gameplay. Which adds some zest and intrigue to it.
  • Many levels with different stories. In the game, you can go through one level several times and the result will be different, while in the game itself there are a large number of available levels. You will definitely not be able to complete it in a day, but it will be difficult to break away from it.
  • It is possible to ask friends or family for advice. This function helps if the player cannot understand how to go through a particular plot, then you can contact your friends. Perhaps some of them will know the correct route.
  • An easy-to-understand game plot, interface. Thanks to this quality, you do not have to spend additional time understanding the design of the application.
  • Availability of offline mode. This quality is suitable if the player uses the application in places where there is no network connection or he simply does not want to spend a lot of battery.

Clue Hunter for downloaded 3 times. Clue Hunter is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Clue Hunter
Added: 2020-08-22
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