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Comments on Google play



If youre charging for the ability to finish the game, you have balls to force ads on people. Trash. And some of the rooms make no sense... 69669? Didnt even use the numbers...



Extremely disappointed. Stuck on level 4, finished, and door wouldn't open. Game is not saved, have to start over everytime. Loved these games but this one sucked.



Difficult to finish levels because of glitches. I watched a hint video and still cannot open elevator on level 4. Frustrating.



Dissatisfied, u can play to level 9 and then u have to purchase the rest of the levels. A total of 3 bonus packs &it says 25% off BUT if u look each one is .99¢ and the VIP bonus pack is $3.99 RIP OFF!!!! I'M DELETING



Game is really fun. Just purchased but there is a problem with level 10. Even with the help of the walkthrough, the door on the slide won't open.



This is an awesome strategy game and pretty freakin cool I think.... It makes you think about how to go about solving the level but its great to get your brain activated and moving....



Love playing these games, but when I need assistance, I don't want to see the answers to the complete level. Just the puzzle that has me stumped, so I can complete the level myself. Other than that it's great.



I love all this developer’s escape games. All the solutions were logical (but some were very tricky!), so it was very satisfying to be able to work them out. Wonderful games for a very reasonable price! Please keep them coming!



Enjoyable. Thought provoking but not very difficult. Suitable for all ages. Ads not too intrusive. Only 9 levels available before you have to pay.



It's good buttttttttt , when I completed 5 levels , the rest were locked , they were still making the other levels , and it's been weeks it's been like this , I downloaded this game during the beginning of quarantine and lockdown is almost over , and the other levels are still locked , So my question is ,WHY DID Y'ALL RELEASE THE GAME IF IT'S NOT COMPLETE ???

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