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Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way

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Developer: MobGames3D
Categories: Race
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 67.9 MB
Downloads: 26
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Updated: 19.06.2020
Limitations: Teen


Criminal Russia 3D. Boris is a fun and exciting action game for Android devices, where the gamer is given the opportunity to plunge into the world of criminal Russia and feel what it is like to be an authority.

Gripping action movie-like plot

The main character of the game, Boris, lives in a small provincial Russian town and is a member of a criminal group. But this is not enough for him, Boris no longer wants to be just a member of the gang, he wants to become an authority and win the respect of other criminals.

For the sake of achieving his goal, he is ready for anything. Help the hero move up the "career ladder" and upgrade all his skills to the fullest. You have to participate in criminal showdowns, deadly shootouts, fights, escape from the pursuit, steal, steal cars, carry out illegal orders from the boss, and this is only a small part of what awaits you in this game.

The plot of Criminal Russia is not just interesting and exciting, it looks like a real action movie with many unpredictable moments and unexpected turns. The developers made sure that you did not get bored for a second, and created a very eventful storyline. Therefore, the game will pull you in for long hours!

Realistic, detailed world

You will be amazed at the precision with which the surrounding world is created. Animated pedestrians and city dwellers, public transport, taxis and traffic lights, buildings and nature - all this looks more than realistic in the game.

A detailed drawing of cities and villages with recognizable landmarks and landscapes creates an even greater sense of reality. Shooting physics and car driving also add realism to the game.

Much attention is paid to locations, so do not miss the opportunity to explore the area to the maximum. Get in the car, step on the gas and drive at high speed, onbreaking all the rules. In this game you can do anything!

Wide settings to adapt the game to your needs

In the game, you have a wide range of settings both for Boris himself and, for example, for cars. You can dress your hero in different clothes, choose a suitable weapon for him from 40 options (from a simple knife to a sniper rifle), find a way for him to make money by sending the character to taxi or steal a car.

You also have interesting options for tuning your car. You can change its color at your discretion, lower it, adjust the suspension, change wheel rims and much more - more than 20 options in total.

What else is interesting in the game Criminal Russia 3D. Boris:

  • third-person control of the main character;
  • high quality detailed graphics;
  • wide range of missions;
  • a wide range of settings for tuning the car and the appearance of the hero;
  • the game doesn't look like another GTA "clone";
  • unique traffic system with animated pedestrians;
  • intuitive, responsive controls.

The developers claim that they have created not just a game, but a real simulator of the criminal life of Russian cities. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this world through the game and try on the role of authority. But can you keep your reputation? Download the game and check it out! You can download Criminal Russia 3D.Boris for free.

Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way for downloaded 26 times. Criminal Russia 3D. Gangsta way is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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