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This is a pretty awesome app. It gives you a synopsis of the meaning of each bid, along with hints. The play is strong enough to be entertaining, but has some gaps that let you beat the computer sometimes. The bidding system it uses is a bit unfamiliar (but maybe that's just because I haven't been playing in a while). Great way to brush up on your bridge skills.



This app works well for me. It has a nice look and the AI game play is accurate (it knows to attack subtle vulnerabilities, such as transportation). However, double dummy answers for a hand sometime seem to depend on poor play, having best-bid hint before offering full bidding options seems backward, and the AI quickly loses its way if I make what I think a more appropriate bid (I've been playing SAYC at highest AI level level; there are other conventions and levels offered).



Good as far as it goes- as a beginning player it is helpful, especially in learning to bid. However, in the card play, it gives no explanation as to why it recommends the cards to play. One is left to guess the strategy, with no guidance whatsoever. Also has no instruction as to what the scoring terms are and what they mean, or how to bid based on the scores.



This is a relatively sophisticated bridge game with multiple bidding strategies and good play choices. It is not great for beginners because beginners bidding mode is not the default and the play is too fast to pay full attention to the run of play. However I have gotten used to the speed and the small cards and now enjoy it very much.



I find this to be the best bridge game available. Many options. I did finally spend a whopping $4 to remove ads... they were starting to get pornographic. My only question is how computer comes up with some outrageous bids , such as 6 spades when it only has two low cards? Maybe a miscue on my part; computer is set for most difficult: 6. In any case, thanks for the app! p.s. Do I have to uninstall old game and reload game after I buy it?



Why is my partner always jumping out the window with their bids?? Horrible AI doesn't know when to pass and when to bid, no matter what level I set them at. The basics of the app function well, but bidding is essential to this game and the AI does not understand the standard bidding system. I replayed a hand my partner had previously passed on and altered my bid (still on the 1 level), so my AI partner decides this time they want to go for a small slam. What do you know? Set by a mile. Great bid



Love this app. Good guidance and feedback / recommendations. Easy to review bids, take back plays, etc. Intuitive interface. Ads aren't overly frequent but are also easy to close when they do pop up...a nice touch. Only minor quibble is that my phone's interface is hidden during play, such as battery level and home button.



I can't yet compare to other apps but this is very easy to play and the computer plays logically for the most part. If it is an AI, it will get better. The ads are tolerable at this point... **** 'Partner' doesn't seem to understand when we have a part score to quit bidding. Will for example go on to bid 4S when a 2 would do the trick ***



Nice app but buggy with respect to simple stuff. Sometimes when North South won a trick it gives it to East West. I like looking at double dummy solutions to see what I missed. Double dummy solutions often either score the last trick incorrectly or fail to include it, resulting in incorrect reports. What did I miss? Nothing. The app just cannot count.



All bridge apps let you play the cards. When I last played bridge there were only 3 conventions. Bidding was pretty much straight forward. You bid what you had, unless you were bidding for slam. Today even level 2 bids can mean the exact opposite of what it used to mean. Game has become far more complicated than 50 years ago. This app allows you to get an explanation of each bid, and hint on the next, and it does it well. Only suggestion is a way for computer to PLAY hand 1 card at a time


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