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Be My Eyes

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Developer: Be My Eyes
Categories: Life style
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 29.5 MB
Downloads: 6
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Updated: 31.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


  • High quality audio and video communication.
  • Contains no ads or paid features.
  • Quick contact with volunteers.
  • Additional languages ​​can be configured.


  • The area of ​​competence of the volunteer cannot be specified.


Be My Eyes is an application for the Android operating system with very specific functionality: first of all, the program will be useful for people with disabilities due to poor eyesight, as it will allow you to guide a visually impaired person through a mobile device via the Internet. < / p>

Application Features

  • Allows you to organize audio or video communication between the mobile devices of the volunteer and the visually impaired person within the framework of the program to support the blind or visually impaired people (any person with high-quality Internet and a desire to organize comprehensive assistance of a wide profile for the blind or visually impaired people can become a participant in the program). / li>
  • The application has a multilingual interface, that is, it allows you to organize communication between volunteers and needy visually impaired or blind people from different countries (for example, a call with notification of help can come from Spain, while the volunteer will be, for example, in England ). In this case, on the sending device, the software interface will be in Spanish, and on the receiving device, respectively, in English.

There are a huge number of people with disabilities in the world (there are several million of them in Russia alone), while in the world this number potentially increases tenfold. It is easy to assume that the lion's share of such people suffer from poor eyesight, when there is no way to perform the usual actions due to the fact that the surrounding space is very blurred (there is no way to fully go to the grocery store, walk in the park, work at the computer, watch movies , read books, news, in the end, just play games). In a word, a person who has suffered from the problem of low vision, as a rule, takes a long time to adapt to such a problem and cannot complete it.It's valuable to live.

Thanks to Be My Eyes, every full-fledged person with relatively good, normal vision can take part in a support program for the blind or visually impaired people, providing them with comprehensive support regarding everyday issues.

For example, a volunteer may receive a call with a notification about the character's help to read a letter, order food at home, or build a route. One way or another, a mobile device of a visually impaired or a blind person is used as a guide (a volunteer has the ability to use the device's camera in order to navigate through it in space and guide a person according to his individual needs).

In a word, thanks to the software, every healthy person has the opportunity to provide voluntary assistance to blind or visually impaired people, especially since such assistance often takes no more than a few minutes, since it is associated with solving everyday issues that healthy people solve in a semi-automatic format (do not think about how important it is sometimes just to be able to bring the pan to the sink without fear of hitting something and damaging the dishes, for example, or leaving the house in order to take a walk). Often the problem is generally of a momentary nature (help is needed to find out the expiration date of the product, for example).

Be My Eyes for downloaded 6 times. Be My Eyes is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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