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Name Lost Lands 1 (free to play) Extension: xapk
Version: 1.0.6 Size: 446.8 MB

Comments on Google play



Was able to complete in a couple of days. Not easy but not too hard except when you can't see something because they blend in too well to the point that you end up clicking on it by accident after clicking every square centimeter of the screen. The hints are worthless, they only point in the direction you need to go which isn't any help when there could be up to a dozen areas to look in! Had to use a walk through I found online a couple of times because of this but it was free w/ NO ads!



stunning artwork, soothing music, long play in both main and bonus stories, and the main game is free? bonus game is only $2, well worth it. The only thing I wish was different, is to have the map marked with areas where you have tasks ready to be done, and a faster recharging hint. I was frustrated bc there are so many places to visit and had no idea where to go next. Otherwise, one of the best HO games I have played in a long time, and I will definitely play more games from this developer!



This is one of my top two favorite puzzle games ever! This is a full game with NO ADS! Not to mention the puzzles are challenging (not too challenging, though!) and all of the game makes sense! I've played a lot of puzzle games where the items you had to find to move on were in places you would have never guessed; this is the complete opposite! It all makes sense and all comes together as one whole. I also love the multiple areas and the map function! I love this game! Highly recommended 🙂🙂



Really fun game. The first thing I love is there are no ads, and it's basically all free with the option to buy gold. Great story and detailed pictures/ scenes. Puzzles are challenging and keep you thinking, looking, and traveling back and forth to solve new parts of the game. Only thing I recommend is playing on a tablet with a bigger screen than a phone to see all the picture detail.



I am in love with these games! I have played all seven of the Lost Lands adventures as well as all four of the Darkness and Flame series-- all of them are 10 stars in my opinion. Lost Lands has a good story line throughout all the games. The graphics are good, the puzzles are challenging, but not extremely difficult (I did use a walkthrough help occasionally). The games are completely free from beginning to end, with a bonus chapter optional buy at the very end. I can highly recommend!



Perhaps, this is the first time ever I can say that I gave 5 stars 100% without exhaggerating! It really is a good one. The play, graphics, story - everything! Yes, it is free. It was little difficult to figure out graphics/what is written or pictured while dealing with puzzles - due to small size of pics or written material, and no option to zoom in. I played on the phone. If you use a tablet, maybe it will be easy enough to see things.



For me, the best game/game series in all of Google Play!! At least the best free game. Graphics are fantastic! Game play and navigation are smooth, logical, and consistent throughout. Puzzles and other mini-games are satisfyingly challenging without being too hard or easy. Amazingly complex fantasy story carries the player through the game. Personally I get a bit confused with all the many characters. But it doesn't significantly interfere with game play. THANKS FOR HOURS OF FUN!!



I wasn't expecting much from this game, not gonna lie it seemed pretty corny in the opening sequence. But I ended up being kind of blown away. The art in the interactive portions was beautiful, its long and complex especially for a free game + seems glitch free, the puzzles are challenging enough to be fun but not so difficult/nonsensical as to be frustrating. But what really made me love it was the story! I was actually really compelled by it, which I wasn't anticipating at all. Great game!



Great storyline & graphics. You begin with 4 but can get Up to 9 or 10 free hints (can't remember). A bigger screen is needed for me because of the small details. I am 50% complete and it can be quite challenging at times, but I look forward to the challenge and it makes for a longer and more enjoyable game. You need to have attention to detail and patience. I haven't had any freezing issues or glitches. Very smooth play. I haven't needed to purchase hints, either!



For a mobile experience, this game is a joy. The visuals and soundtrack are a step above most other mobile games (the game doesn't scale well on tablets, but that is fine). Lost Lands' concept has been very well thought out and incorporates many puzzle genre elements. Despite a simple plotline, Lost Lands 1 is driven by its gameplay and atmosphere. It is challenging enough to keep players on their toes and not frustrate them. Side note: The map button should not be right next to the hint button.

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