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Name Загадочный Дом: поиск предметов Extension: apk
Version: 3.0.0 Size: 117.7 MB

Comments on Google play



So I have been playing this game for 2 years....I am frustrated because certain portions freeze and I lose "prizes". I have purchased items so I am not just playing free. But it isn't fair when you expect to get a reward from game play and due to a glitch or freezing you don't. I have contacted support with no resolution. Support simply says I didn't complete the required task ...when I did! Even when I told them I used purchased diamonds they still didn't help. Not Happy.



Lots of fun, wish the match 3 game would give better rewards, such as the hammers, bombs, etc, to play the match 3 game. Other than that, I think it's fun Right now my game is stuck on one screen and won't let me play Annoying!!!! It started locking up on me and after a certain level would NOT allow me to get keys into different rooms. Looks like there's a newer version out that I may try because I uninstalled it about a month ago.



THIS APP IS ROBBING CUSTOMERS!!!! SUPPORT IS BASICALLY NON-EXISTENT!!! I gave it a 2 because I love it when it works correctly. It constantly freezes and I have lost money due to this reason. Sometimes the game restarts while in the middle of a quest and you do not get the energy back that you lost. Support is absolutely horrible. They do not care about customers either.



I've been playing this game for a couple years and no issues until the last few weeks. Game keeps freezing and screen goes black. I uninstalled and reinstalled still doing it. I've changed my rating from 5 to a 2 because I've lost money on buying items and not receiving it contacted support and nothing gets resolved and still don't get items or my money back. Watch video for a additional 20 seconds and get nothing, watch video for different items and get nothing.



On the one hand, this is an interesting game. There is reasonable gameplay without paying, provided you are willing to watch ads and put in a lot of time into the game. On the other hand, some quests take so long that they are frustrating, some of the tasks are practically impossible, and their attempt to sync to PC is a miserable failure, with random resettings of game progress and sync issues galore. I'm moving to better games.



The new update freezes even in the regular rooms then you have to exit the whole game to get out of the frozen game and lose what you played for. The match 3 is now the worst update yet being changed so much it is no longer fun. If it is not fixed soon it will be time to delete. I am at level 124 and I hope I didnt waste my time this long to be completely disappointed in a game I used to love.



I see this game still doesn't work. I continue to beat match three boards, only to have the game freeze up before I get my reward. and, then I have to redo the level because it doesn't save my progress. tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling... the problem persists. now I remember why I stopped playing 🙄



Only giving it a 3 because in order to play certain parts you have to play on a desktop. Also, some rooms require other things along with the energy to play, for example, one room requires bullets and energy, it's hard and time consuming to get the bullets, so you can't play that room. It's definitely one of the better seek and find Games, but there could be changes to make it better.



Terrible Greedy Money Grab - I've been playing this for some time and just got the point where progress is impossible so there's no point in playing. I've bought some items needed to move ahead, but the amount of money you have to spend for just a little bit of help is OUTRAGEOUS! I'd be better off going to the casino. I just spent all energy repeatedly playing one room and didn't complete it one single time. The developers have trained me to stop playing. Nice job. Goodbye.



Wonder if they will ever fix it, been bad a long time. Would rate zero stars but not an option. The game is almost unplayable, hanging up and timing out, or rebooting itself after going into room taking resources with it. Both explosives hang in match 3 so game has to be restarted. I clear everything and start new each time I play it so not on my end. It is happening to all 10 guild members and sometimes worse. Devs need to get this fixed, seems to have gotten worse since merging across devices.

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