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Wood Shop

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Developer: Rollic Games
Categories: Simulators
Android version: 4.4+
Size: 79.2 MB
Downloads: 14
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Updated: 08.08.2022
Limitations: Everyone


Wood Shop is a 3D virtual woodworking simulator from renowned developer Rollic Games. Here you take on the role of a lathe master. Thanks to 3D modeling, you can make any figurine and add it to your collection. The application is made in a gaming style. Therefore, it will be interesting to an audience not familiar with this profession, and also useful to all students of turning. Perhaps some professionals will find something new for themselves.

Game Features

As in many simulators, the gameplay is divided into levels. The difficulty increases with each subsequent stage. The first levels are more suitable for learning. Starting from the 10th, the game prompt will be disabled, leaving the whole process in your hands. At first, it will be difficult to fulfill the terms of reference. Many will not be able to complete the work the first time. But this is why the application is great for learning, as it allows you to return to the previous stage. Moreover, in virtual space, less time is spent on learning the basics than in reality. So, with the help of this program, you will take the first steps on the path to mastery. The game form makes the process interesting. If you do not have a goal of learning turning business, then just enjoy the beautiful graphics, fun process of creation and non-repetitive tasks. Moreover, gradually, each of them will teach you and move you forward. This is the first feature. The second will teach you certain techniques and subtleties when working with wooden blanks, although they cannot be felt, as in reality. The third feature is pleasant audio design. The developers have worked on it, creating full-fledged sounds obtained with real wood turning. With headphones, this presence is enhanced and reminiscent of ASMR. Dozens of pleasant sounds cause goosebumps all over the body. The fourth feature is the use ofUse of 3D copies of instruments. Here you will be given to work with different types of chisels:

  • V-nose tool for cutting parts;
  • A tool with a flat tip for removing large layers from the surface;
  • Pointed point tool;
  • Sandpaper for grinding and polishing;
  • Brushes for painting, varnishing and gluing.

All of these tools in the application perform the same functions as in life. Therefore, the process of creating figures at each level is educational.

Why play Wood Shop?

Ka was described earlier - the game is suitable for learning and to take time with benefit. But besides these two factors, there are several more. The main one is working on the trading floor. With it, you can put your models up for sale and get in-game gold for them. With the same funds, you can buy missing tools, paint, varnish or glue. So, creating a Christmas tree for the Christmas holiday you will not earn a lot of money, but if you work hard and make pieces for the chessboard, you can get a sufficient amount of gold, which will be enough for several levels ahead.

Installing the simulator

You can download and install the game from our website. It is distributed free of charge and does not contain viruses or spyware. Therefore, there is no need to worry about safety. Just download the installer for your Android, launch the installation and start creating beautiful three-dimensional figures from wood.

Wood Shop for downloaded 14 times. Wood Shop is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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