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Wnutter 2.0

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Developer: Wnutter
Categories: Entertainment
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 3.2 MB
Downloads: 3
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Updated: 10.05.2020


Wnutter 2.0 is a program with a message analysis function for the Vkontakte social network. Previously, the analyzer was a scripted part of another application, but its functions and algorithms have grown, so it has become an independent program. It is distributed absolutely free of charge. You can download the installer from our website.

Functions and features

Despite the constant development of the social network "Vkontake", it still does not have its own tool for analyzing messages. This is not very convenient. Sometimes the user needs to know which person he most often communicates with, exchanges videos and pictures, makes re-posts, etc. This is what Wnutter 2.0 was created for. He knows how to work with a huge number of messages transmitted via VK, analyze them and give a result. The application algorithm will process tons of information in a matter of seconds, make an error-free calculation and summarize. Despite the seemingly complex component, the application takes up a minimum of space in the device's memory. When working, it does not clog RAM, it can be turned on and remain in the background, and when necessary, the user can call and access the program. So you can figure out who and how many messages you sent over the past day, week, month, year or several years.

For whom it is important

"Wnutter 2.0" can be used for fun or entertainment. With it, each user in a couple of seconds learns about the number of messages sent to a specific person. So you will find out with whom you communicate closely, and to whom you have not written for a long time, and, perhaps, you want to restore communication. It may also be needed by a user who distrusts his other half. Thus, having access to the account, you can easily stand out with whom and how often your girlfriend or your boyfriend communicates. Plus, the application will be useful for people involved in SMM promotion on social networks. With the help� from him you will find out how active the correspondence is in the account you are interested in, as well as which of the users left the lion's share of messages, and who rarely writes. After working with the list of the latter, you can try to get their attention back. In addition, the statistics obtained will show the dynamics of account promotion and help to identify the sales ratio. Today, any salesman is especially important for statistical data and any information received, especially free of charge. Therefore, "Wnutter 2.0" is a super useful tool for making money on social networks.

How to download

You can download the application for free from our website. Don't worry about viruses and spyware - the program has been fully scanned for malicious files and is 100% safe. Just click on the link on this page, download the APK installation package, and then use the installed application. After uninstalling, the program does not clog the memory. You do not need root rights to use it.

Wnutter 2.0 for downloaded 3 times. Wnutter 2.0 is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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