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Name Seasons Puzzles | Mind Games & Brain Teasers Extension: apk
Version: 1.3 Size: 71.4 MB

Comments on Google play



One of the best puzzle games I've ever played. A lot of unique mechanics that give you a brainstorm. I've spent some hours on this game and I would definitely spend that time again!! Amazing work!!!



Fun and challenging. Part of the each puzzle is figuring out the rules. Difficulty ranges from very easy to extremely difficult. Games can be replayed without losing your progress. Looking forward to more.



Great puzzle app. Puzzles are challenging but not unsolvable, the only ads you'll get are for hints, the overall atmosphere is fairly calming and the puzzles themselves are fun and interesting, ramping up in difficulty in a way that feels fair. It's a really great app and I quite recommend it.



Some stage needs a hint /solution as no explanation for puzzle. But overall it was good puzzle. Thoroughly enjoyed every single stage . Thumbs up. Didn't mind to watch few ads for hint either 🙂



I NEVER give 5 stars. Admittedly, I've played so many puzzle games through the decades that I've picked up a tip or two in the logic involved, including ancient Chinese puzzle two towers or stacking tower puzzle variants where a larger number or size cannot go on top of a smaller one. Takes a lot of moves but it can be done. And sliding square puzzles and more recent or new ones so it's variation but still good and increasing and decreasing in difficulty.Broken lv20 is older version. Works now.



Actually just rating because its a great game and the lack of instructions is what makes it fun to figure out (if they gave instructions there'd be no puzzle) They make you think how to solve it. To try different methods & creative problem solving until something clicks and you realise how that puzzle is meant to be solved I love when I cannot solve one of these puzzles because of the process. The harder it is, the better it feels when you do get it! *Thanks a ton for creating this!



Wow. Damn good game- love the twist that working out hiw to play is part of the game. Well handled ads- for hints/solution only. Only drawback is shortness- looking forward to hopefully more.



It's really good and relaxing, it's not frustrating at all but it's not easy as well you can get a hint, the solution or skip a level by watching a short ad so if you're stuck just "ask for help". I had a great time with the game and I hope new levels come out.



Awesome puzzle app. Could solve most of them without any hints. Only one did I need to use the solve button. Could be a 5 star rating if it just had less ads. Otherwise a great and entertaining app.



This game is hard. But that is all about puzzle games. It had enough levels and the difficulty was great. Some of the levels are insanely hard. But there is one single thing. After i finished a level i checked the hint and the solution. It would be better if you could show steps at the level. How do i complete it. Anyway. A 10/10

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