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I have installed this game for my younger brother but this game is so addictive. It's really good and I too love and enjoy playing this game. I would request the developer(s) to upgrade it by adding a track map so that one would know how much of the level is left and how much it has been completed. Wonderful experience playing this game and it was worth giving five stars 🌟 Keep up the good work and make more games like this One 👍👍👍



Wow..... Amezing game I like it 😻 The only problem is (the Ad to watch for free diamond) option is not working it says network disconnected but my phone network is good please fix that problem.I like this app so much 💗 This is the good working ninja game I have ever seen by my Experience. And very super game ❤️but some level are so difficult 😅 I am now reach( jungle of the dead) 8th level 😁 i take two days to reach 8 th level 😅🤧 but I like this app😻💗



It's a an awesome game. Remindes me of Shinobi Trilogy, for Sega Genesis. Good old Classics. Also it's difficult but not too difficult which reminds me of when I used to throw my Sega controllers at my TV. LOL. I WASNT AN EXPIERENCED PLAYER BACK THEN! Overall I love it, only wish it had more depth to it, like a storyline and more items,weapons and skills that you could buy, win or unlock. If you love Ninja games give it a try. Recommend it !!!



This game is super cool and fun and it has so many hiding secrets to find wail u play and you can never get bored playing but at the jungle of death it's geats hard you need to make a stratuge to get past all the levels I am on level 8 it's super cool but hard but the game is super cool and fun but it gets too hard on jungle of death can you fix it . it took me 3 weeks to get to leave 8 that is too hard for me or kids can you fix it.



I played this game a good while ago and i have recently re-downloaded it, and yet again WOW was i impressed ! because a lot more variety has been added to it. The simplistic gameplay and easy to navigate menus make it a no problem pick-up and play game, but don't be fooled, some of the levels can be a real challenge even for veteran gamers. So overall it's easy a 5 star rating all day long for me and i can't recommend it enough. It was a fantastic game back then but it's even BETTER now!!!.



The game is really engaging but after clearing few levels, when I try to collect the rewards it says connect to the internet wherein it is already connected to WiFi. I tried changing the setting but nothing seems to work. Please fix this issue. I'm really enjoying the game.



Graphics are good and gameplay is solid. Wish you could hold the throw shuriken button. One problem I have is that a lot of the time, checkpoints are so far apart that, when I die, it feels like I'm being sent halfway across the level, and it gets annoying real quick.



Awesome game the graphics are perfect there are so many reasons why this game is awesome, 1 game graphics are awesome, 2 challenging which is good, 3 it is an awesome offline game I can't find those anymore, 4 the controlles are pretty easy, 5 those spikes are so unexpected that's why players need to have a keen eye, keep up the good work, but one problem sometimes the buttons for the forward dash don't work, but besides that great game.



So this game is basically copy of Ninja Arashi, but with worse controls and WAY TOO MANY ADS. Look, I get that it's free game but there are too many ads which doesn't really help. Even when you are navigating within the game (going from settings to upgrades or costumes) there is ads. Controls are too small, even when I'm tapping the button, it doesn't really move the character because of how small they are. PLAY NINJA ARASHI INSTEAD.



It's a pretty good game. Some levels are extremely difficult.. It would be good if there were more skills features Controls options. I came across major problem is in its controls.. so small n not at all comfortable. Sometimes it wont work especially during difficult time 😅. It would've been good if we had the option to arrange controls. Sometimes controls doesn't respond when needed.. and now for a very long time am stuck at Abandoned Castle Level 7. 😑


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