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VCMI for Android

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Developer: VCMI Team
Categories: Strategies
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 35.1 MB
Downloads: 21
0 / 0
Updated: 11.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone 10+


  • Works for free.
  • The controls are adapted for touchscreens.
  • Good stability.


  • The game is not included in the program.
  • Requires original game files.
  • Doesn't work with HoMMIII: HD Edition.
  • No updates.


VCMI for Android is a mobile port of the emulator, thanks to which you can run the legendary third part of the game Heroes of might and magic on Android OS.


Probably only a person who is very far from the world of gaming has not heard of such a game as Heroes of might and magic. A fascinating strategy with RPG elements at one time (and the year the toy was released in 1999) made a splash and for many years settled on personal computers in homes and offices.

Now you can download VCMI for Android - and dive into the magical world of Heroes right from your mobile device.

The project has its own Wiki-base, where you can find answers to almost all questions of interest to the player. If something remains unclear, you can turn to the community for support - fortunately, the game is still in demand, despite its venerable age.

VCMI for Android allows you to connect additional mods. To install them, you need to create a Mods folder in the vcmi-data directory, where you can transfer the files with mods. All of them will be "screwed" automatically.

Due to the fact that VCMI for Android is built on the basis of open source software, the program is distributed free of charge. In addition, everyone can, at their discretion, make certain changes to the project and offer them to the world community.

Features of VCMI for Android:

  • Preserving the traditions of the original source;
  • Attractive visuals;
  • Great soundtrack;
  • Exciting gameplay with the elaboration of the hero leveling line, the plot, etc .;
  • Responsive to mobile touch screens.

However, this port is currently still under development and testing. Despite this, everyone can enjoy the gameplay now. However, you should be prepared for possible bugs and crashes.

However, according to the reviews of dedicated fans of the game, VCMI for Android is a much better port compared to what was previously proposed. So download it can be recommended for both beginners and those who have already passed the original Heroes, as they say, far and wide.

Download and install Heroes port for Android

Downloading and installing the game port will not cause much difficulty, even for a beginner. There is no special specifics here.

The installation files are distributed as a standard apk archive. It will need to be transferred in one way or another from a computer to a smartphone, then open it in any file browser on the smartphone and run it for installation.

At the first start, VCMI for Android will check for the latest updates. It is recommended not to neglect the proposed upgrade. Most likely, bugs were fixed in the previous version.

VCMI for Android for downloaded 21 times. VCMI for Android is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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VCMI for Android
Added: 2020-06-20
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