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Comments on Google play



It's a great app but I have three problems. 1. The app hasn't updated yet. 2. Textures for leather armor don't change when you load the texture pack. 3. There's a texture mapping problem. Sometimes a texture for one block maps to another and sometimes there are textures of two different blocks on one block, I usually saw this occur with slabs and stairs.



Great community app. allows you to create skins and texture packs with relative ease, even if there are a few coding setbacks (easy ones). Easy interface but not too easy to rise in the public eye. Kept updated regularly, to a degree! The best part, though, is the texture pack creator. honestly, very beautiful and very easy, way easier than using a traditional pixel art app. for THIS ALONE, this is one of my most recommended Minecraft apps... because it is one of so few that does this at all.



It is very easy to use and understand and it links up directly to my app. A couple things are missing though, like it would be great to customize mobs and elytras, or let us see mockups of blocks and armor before we have to restart Minecraft. Without that, you have to physically start the game up before seeing how your leggings and chestplate match up or see how your textures look when repeated. Also, there are many other blocks that are completely missing. This app is in dire need of an update



The app is a great way to make skins, mods, and textures. The only problem I have is that there's no such thing as a zoom in when making a Texture pack, it's very hard to color everything like Nether Portal animations. Another problem is the fact that I can't make a crosshair for a Texture pack. Everything else is great!



I would rate this 2.5 stars, but I'll been generous. You cannot edit leaves and grass blocks, and animated blocks are impossible to edit because of how ridiculously tiny the pixels are. There needs to be a zoom feature for that. There is also a weird thing that happens when I try to download a mod. It says there is nothing to support the download, even though I downloaded the recommended file manager. Please fix all of these, if you do I will rate 5 stars!!!



Its cool, but there are things that need work, I'll make a texture pack and it won't show up in my world but it says it is, also I wanted to edit the compass but its so small and I can't zoom in, also I got this app to edit animals and it dosent have an option for that which kinda disappoints me, I think it would be an amazing app if it fixed those issues. I'll def change my rating if those bugs are fixed!



Good app. Lots of cool skins, maps, and textures. But the texture pack creator could use improvement. There should be a feature to zoom in and out because some things are too small to edit, and there should be an option to make 32x32 or 64x64 texture packs. Still a fun app though. (P.s. when I download a texture pack, it says "Open Minecraft PE", but when I do the texture isnt there and nothing happened, I need a fix for this.)



The best Texture Pack Maker I've found on the appstore!! There is only one problem I have with it, and it's a big one: You cannot zoom and pan yet. This means that for assets that have an animation (such as a nether portal), you basically cannot edit them. Once this is fixed, it will be great!



As one of the few apps that make it easy to edit textures for Minecraft:PE, it's a very solid app. HOWEVER, the editor is VERY basic and I find that I am unable to change Mob/Entity textures. I would like to see an update that would allow for transparent colors and the zooming in/out of images in the editor as well as the addition of a mob/entity folder.



this app is amazing. I picked it up and immediately was able to get to work on a texture pack i called the legend of Minecraft. So easy to use, my only problem is that leather armor textures wont show on the body. I also find it annoying that you can't change the texture of Mobs or the thrown trident. All together, it's a great app and recommended it to anyone who can draw and plays Minecraft. Also was annoyingly hard to update a texture pack, but im sure thats on my side.


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