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Developer: CraftGameDev
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.1+
Size: 5 MB
Downloads: 99
0 / 0
Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Not required as root.
  • More than 200 scripts and mods.
  • Install add-ons automatically.
  • Section with guides and cheats.
  • No payment required.


  • An installed version of GTA is required.
  • May be unstable on Andoid 11 and newer.
  • May lose network connection.


CLEO MOD Master is a quality Android application from the famous CraftGameDev developer studio. Employees of this company have been working with projects from the Grand Theft Auto series for a long time. This is their favorite game series. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that they decided to create a convenient application related to GTA, which can be downloaded completely free of charge. But what is the reason for the success of this game? Is this program really worth recommending to all fans of Rockstar Games creations? It is worth understanding the advantages that the CLEO MOD Master has. Then you can understand who you can really recommend to use this application for mobile phones on Android.

Who is the CLEO MOD Master for?

CLEO MOD Master should be of interest primarily to those players who cannot play Grand Theft Auto without improvements to the standard gameplay. This application is capable of greatly expanding the game features of Grand Theft Auto. You can easily install up to several hundred scripts and modifications without having to independently study all the game files. Examples of what this program can do include:

  • Invincibility. You may have always wanted to make your character as powerful as possible, but he could still be killed by ordinary armed cops. In this case, the best solution would, of course, be the use of a special modification aimed at making the main character of the game invulnerable.
  • A set of skins. Are you tired of looking at the same appearance of the main character of the game? This can be easily dealt with using the CLEO MOD Master. The application offers a unique opportunity for any skin that you might find interesting.
  • Weapons on vehicles. Are you tired of the fact that a character is only able to shoot from a car window while driving? In this case, the best solution is to install the weapon on a transport withscarcity. Automatic aiming will allow you to kill absolutely everyone who gets in your way.
  • Zombie apocalypse. Have you dreamed of becoming the star of a zombie attack movie? Then you definitely need to download a special mod with the walking dead, which allows you to feel fear and despair when the whole city is against you and you need to somehow avoid clashes with all possible opponents, including your former friends.

Features of the CLEO MOD Master App

It's hard to find someone who doesn't like what the CLEO MOD Master has to offer. The program is truly one of the most amazing among those that have ever been released on mobile phones running the Android operating system. You just need to take a few minutes to get used to it and you will have a great chance to access the following features of the application:

  • More than 200 mods and scripts;
  • More features than the original GTA;
  • Huge assortment of vehicles;
  • A fairly clear and easy-to-use application.

CLEO MOD Master for downloaded 99 times. CLEO MOD Master is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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