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Developer: Team
Categories: Tools
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 15 MB
Downloads: 11
0 / 0
Updated: 29.07.2021
Limitations: Everyone


  • Create skins and texture packs.
  • Access to all kinds of mods and maps.
  • Upload your own creations.
  • Works for free.
  • Access to multiple game servers.
  • Chat for 50 users.


  • Advertising is present.
  • Not all content is of good quality.
  • Does not work with all versions of Minecraft.


The application, which you can download now, is intended for active users of the world famous Minecraft game. The game appeared a long time ago, and the templates presented initially are outdated. But why settle for old textures when updates can be made! This is what the application allows to do. With it, you can add mods, upload your own screenshots for characters, you can also use the ready-made screenshots presented in the library. In addition, the application provides access to the community and communication without borders, which is also important for lovers of this wonderful game. And now more about everything.

Application Features

So, you are a player of the famous "Minecraft", but you are tired of the graphics offered by the developers. What to do in this case? Accept and give up your favorite game? Not at all! By downloading for Android, you can contribute to the game space. How do you like the idea to change the standard textures and pack with creepers and blackjack? Great idea, isn't it? If you want to modify your old work, there is no problem either. Just download screenshots from your phone and edit them until you come to the perfect solution that suits you completely in all respects. But that's not all. Let's say you love to travel the world. So why not download the new maps in the app to install them as a mod and share them with your friends? Moreover, includes a chat in which you can inform other users of important information for you on the updates you have made.


An excellent feature of the application is the openness of user actions. That is, if you have uploaded your own screen, other users of the game will be able to use it as well. Likewise, you will see new updates made by other gamers. This way you get infiniteA library of awesome mods that make the game more perfect, more varied and more interesting.

What other bonuses does the app give

In addition to the unique ability to make changes to the game space, the application gives access to modification of other game settings. The following is available to you:

  • make your name in color;
  • night panorama;
  • hidden options. is a unique creation of talented developers and gives you the right to edit screenshots. In addition, you get access to a varied and rich database of maps, which is also a nice addition. You can easily edit texts and work with hidden options. Finally, you can chat with friends without borders. These features have made the application, which you can download for free, popular all over the world, including in our country. for downloaded 11 times. is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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