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Name Ultimate Fishing Simulator Extension: xapk
Version: 2.34 Size: 105.3 MB

Comments on Google play



This game is awesome and is just what I have looked for in a fishing game, realistic, easy to navigate and play and as long as the cost of items does not increase then I will be happy to continue purchasing extra items as they are affordable which makes playing this game all the more brilliant and even better than that is the fact that the adverts are pretty minimal ... bonus !! I love this game Please do not change the pricing or ads and im sure this game will exceed the competitors vastly !



The reeling is a little clumsy after a few catches and it lags a bit on my phone but it is a solid game. It does take a little bit of a slog to get to the next area. Still enjoyable. My favorite part is that I don't have to compete with others to get anywhere.



It's a fun game, easy controls. Lots of variety of gear. But you have to earn it through a gold system. By completing challenges. I give 3 star because theres some things that need work. Like the weight Option. Even though I picked "lbs" it has a ton of other metric measurements. Pointless! No one uses the metric system. Metric is for people with little measurements with big numbers so they don't feel little. Grow up, use Standard. Also the cost to earnings ratio. Everything is WAY too expensive



This was the best game! however for months I havent been able to connect to a tournament. it just swirls and swirls. on top of that I have lost all of my game play. inc boats, rods, baits etc. including my stars and many tournament wins. once the issues are fixed I will change my rating. I dont know whats going on but the game feels abandoned. It was the best game!



Love it. I travel a lot and when internet access is bad/non existent and I can't log into RF4 to fish, I now have this great little app to pass a few hours. Bite rate is good, cash is easily accumulated through fishing and watching ads and the cost of unlocking venues as you level up is reasonable, unless you are one of those who want everything yesterday. The main bonus for me is that I can play offline. 4 stars



Fantastic game. Really fun to play. Addictive. Just a few things in my opinion would make this game perfect. If you could simulate casting, stop the water shimmer on the water in the zoom in on the float and if the float could sit closer to the water. Minor things but honestly this game is superb. Thank you.



Still trying to get my old game back, that never happened if you switch phones you lose everything. But worse yet if you dont pay, you lose. I must have tried every bait every time of day everyspot to catch 10 fish on a certain level. Nothing, I catch everything else but that. So unbelievably frustrating. Don't waste your time.



The game is actually entertaining and kinda life like. There are things that bother me, though. The fish you caught worth very low in terms of coin, while you need coins to upgrade your tackle to catch other fish. Without it, you won't be able to move on to the next task. Also, you can only fish at one single spot and target one species of fish using your current tackle. If you get bored easily, I suggest choosing other fishing games.



Good graphics but the text is very very small. I can zoom in with Motorola gestures to read everything so it is passable. I still haven't been able to catch anything. I haven't figured out how to change lures. The ads are quite intrusive as well. So far the game seems to be pay to play. I'll keep testing to see if I can progress beyond the two free areas.



Fun game! The only problem I have with it is the touch controls are a little wonky. It seems like the target boxes for the touch controls are not in the correct places on the screen. This makes controlling clunky but if you get used to that this game is fun. The graphics look great too.


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Ultimate Fishing Simulator
Added: 2022-01-23
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