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Timely Alarm Clock

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Developer: Bitspin
Categories: Life style
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 9.3 MB
Downloads: 19
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Updated: 08.05.2020
Limitations: Everyone


Timely - Alarm Clock is an excellent application belonging to the category of office programs designed for smartphones running on the Android system. It is very convenient to use, because it contains all the necessary functions that were not previously available in any mobile device.

Program features

Alarm clock combines clock, stopwatch and timer. Using simple gestures, the user can customize the response time, the frequency of the beep and much more. This program is beautiful, practical, convenient, and has an attractive appearance.

Key Features:

  • settings are easy to set, every user can handle the application without additional efforts;
  • just one touch is needed to set the exact time;
  • morning is good, because the user can set the highest quality sounds for the alarm clock and wake up with pleasure;
  • you can choose a theme or create your own, in accordance with all preferences and wishes;
  • a nice addition is the presence of a timer and a stopwatch.

With this application, setting the alarm will become even easier and will not take much time. It only takes a few seconds for this. The user swipes from edge to edge, sets the desired time by moving the strip. After that, you can choose the frequency of repetition, calmly lie down to rest and not worry about anything. The alarm clock will ring at the right time, no one will be late for an important meeting or other significant event.

Benefits of the program

The developers have taken care of making the awakening as comfortable as possible. The app uses high quality melodies to help make your morning beautiful and create a wonderful mood for the whole day. The user can make his own theme, givingThe program has a completely new look. It also has a large number of topics to choose from, everyone will find the right option for themselves, satisfying all their needs.

Thanks to this smart alarm clock, now no one will oversleep or be late for work. To turn off the signal, just turn the phone over and the melody will stop playing. The application recognizes when the user picks up the phone, and then gradually decreases the volume.

Increasing volume is considered one of the main advantages. In addition, this program has a unique feature - synchronization of signals from all devices. The alarm goes off simultaneously on several of them. In addition, you can even create an alarm time at the same time. At the right time, a melody will ring on the devices, the user will comfortably turn off the application and start their day with a great mood.

The Timely application can be downloaded for free on any device using the Play Market branded downloader. Its interface perfectly adapts to any screen size, so you can use the program even on a tablet. It looks great and has a simple set of features to help make life a little easier.

Timely Alarm Clock for downloaded 19 times. Timely Alarm Clock is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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