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One of the most fun location based AR games out there. Though the AR portion isn't quite reliable. You need ample space. Still fun AR mode. Not pay 2 win but paying will boost your abilities greatly. Not neccessary at all to pay anything. Easy to log in, clear the area, and put down. But you can still go for a walk to keep playing easily for longer sessions. Basic progression system, need coins and cards to get stronger. Coins are not too hard to get, getting the cards you need is the hard part. But there's plenty of opportunities to get them, at least. All in all, great fun and I'm still playing.



With one of the highest cult following in history, you'd think they'd be able to throw some money at some decent servers and talented developers, but servers crash constantly and you can't stay connected to the game. I've been playing since the beginning and it wasn't this bad before. It isn't a problem my service or client, because everything else on my side works. Problems need to be fixed because you can't have an enjoyable experience currently.



the game is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of loading problems. it also becomes repetitive, but they're getting better at creating tasks that make you want to play (in order to get certain heroes or weapons). another problem is finding a decent group to be a part of. leveling up can be a challenge once you get to level 18, but that's to he expected in any app game. plus, it doesnt force you to buy anything! great game, just had some kinks to work out.



I love the game but almost none of the common player requests were changed on the latest update. Energy should last longer and be able to purchase by coins so that we can actually play instead of sitting there waiting for energy. I spent too much money buying gold just to play and I can't afford to do that anymore, which unfortunately means I have to stop playing when my energy runs out. The game itself and the concept is great and I love it!!



I very much enjoy the game most of time. At times there are glitches that can be VERY frustrating!!! However, the creators/designers seem to respond rather quickly once they are made aware of the issue. I really like the newest feature of being able to roam freely for short period to expand your battle area!!! Kudos.



I love the initial concept of this game, but it really falls short for me. There really doesn't feel like there is much to do. It's the exact same grind through level 4 so far. I was hoping it would be a great game to mess with while travelling, but the game can't keep up with travelling speeds, so Abraham is just running down the interstate without an infestation in site. Also, unless travelling was the issue, I feel like it misses a great opportunity to be something special in and around Atlanta.



I enjoy the challenge of "shooting" the zombie hordes however, the fact that you can't move except in a circle, unless you purchase gold for a 15 minute walk/ride around the neighborhood is ridiculous. Even worse is, if you find an infestation or encounter you want to engage in, your 15 mins doesn't stop while battling those zombies. This should be a progressive game that allows you to move forward in either direction as you kill enemies. Like a parameter that expands as you win.



If you live in the country this game isn't awesome. Not enough walkers in rural areas. Grenades are difficult to use. Coin collection necessary for upgrading your cards is slow up until about level seven. If you're ridding passenger in a moving vehicle, the game assumes you're driving & warns against it & map stuff can't keep up. Otherwise, this game is a fun game. the levels are challenging, there's a variety of walkers to kill with a variety of ranged weapons. Maybe add some melee soon?



The game lacks any sort of cloud save functionality, so if you have to uninstall it, you'll lose your progress. Furthermore, the game contains bugs where you will no longer be able to progress, forcing you to uninstall, which means starting from scratch again. Avoid this one, play Road To Survival instead, it's at least playable and the developers understand the concept of cloud saves.



Edit after playing a few weeks. Your typical GPS game. Get ready to walk but it doesn't matter if you live close to a lot of landmarks which is cool. Flares are the most innovative part of the game allowing teammates to teleport to you. Unfortunately they are rare and expensive. I wasted 2 trying to help my team reach a goal but then they didnt see the same encounters I saw. Both were perfectly placed so it was a glitch or they put extra encounters just for you near where you play most.


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