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Category: Simulators

Размер: 129.5 MB

Updated: 22.08.2023

Developer: Green Panda Games

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Terrarium is a fun game for those who love plants but don't have the time or opportunity to grow them in the real world. With the help of the game, you can create a whole garden on your smartphone.

The essence of the "Terrarium" is the discovery, purchase and cultivation of various types of indoor plants. As they grow, each of them releases oxygen, the indicators of which are summed up and allow the player to collect points. The more points are collected, the more new plants can be purchased and the more additional opportunities are opened in the game.

Stylish design

The games are made in a modern flat style, with a muted color scheme that does not irritate the eyes. You can play Terrarium for relaxation and rest from work. Nice music and delicate shades allow you to immerse yourself in a simple, but very addictive gameplay.

Key Features

Among the main "chips" of the game:

  • Possibility to change day and night.
  • 3 worlds, in each of which you can create a separate garden.
  • Vegetable, fruit, ornamental plants.
  • A huge number of levels that are available to the player in chronological order.
  • Ability to add new plants to the shelf and move existing ones.
  • Observe the change and growth of plants and garden.
  • Large catalog with many free plants and paid options available.

The game is distributed free of charge. The version can also be upgraded to a paid version, which opens up more options for the player.

You can download "Terrarium" for Android for free right on our website, without clicking on any links.

Terrarium: Garden Idle for downloaded 14 times. Terrarium: Garden Idle is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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Version History

Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.30
02.05.23 127.1 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.28.2
02.01.23 123.7 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.29
02.01.23 126.7 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.27.4
08.08.22 69.9 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.28
08.08.22 70.7 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.28.1
08.08.22 74.7 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.26.11
11.12.21 49.1 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.26.12
11.12.21 49.6 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.26.13
11.12.21 52.3 MB Download
Terrarium: Garden Idle 1.26.5
01.08.21 50.5 MB Download

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