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Comments on Google play



It's a fun game and I'm glad there is a mobile version because sometimes I don't have access to a PC, but the controls are very hard, and shooting/aim is a huge challenge. There is a bit of lag too, and EDIT, it's gotten worse and lags often. My biggest disappointment is in 50v50, there are barely any players on mobile so there should be an option to play with pc players. Make aim better and add the option to play with pc players for 50v50 and I would gladly give this 4 or 5 stars. 1 star now



The game freezes on loading screen I play on Chromebook all the time I just want to play on mobile please fix this Edit: The new update I was looking forward to it still freezes on loading screen. I have ZTE Midnight Pro please fix soon! My friends are playing on their phones without me. I feel left out. My friend has the same phone as me and he still can play.



I dont really recommend this game on mobile. It is so laggy(on most phones). And it is too small. You can barely see the map and your ammo with you fingers covering almost the full screen. I recommend to play it on computer. The game is amazing... just not on mobile



will lag if not a lot of wifi(works with data)can play with friends with the team and join team plus it has lots of fun different modes like squad and solo and they got different types of events such as 50vs.50, also SO MANY ADS, ALWAYS AFTER I DIE! It is like "you get an ad to add to your rage".



Great game overall but when I load into the game, it gives me multiple notifications and than it takes so long to load into a game. Even if I am able to get into a game, new problems start to occur. It lags constantly and a die the moment I get into a game. The game is really fun and entertaining and usually play for hours but I think you should fix the game



Unplayable, even on a mid to high end phone its still extremely laggy. I've never seen a 2D game lag this much, nor can I understand why. It's almost like it wasn't tested before being allowed on the app store.



im giving it three bec the bad part on chrome mabye computer you cant move so pls fix that good news is that its online but at the same tim its always glitching like it every time i die in a game it shows behind the things i dont have a acount and think it was on the green and gray get a an acount so thank you so much if you fix it.



Really fun game, I've been playing it for 2 years now. BUT they completely ruined it. Its WAY too laggy, I get qued in with PC players, the controls are terrible etc. IF you want to play this game play it on a PC or laptop and not on a phone, trust me it's not worth it to download on your phone if you already have a pc. I have quit the game already (I come back and play it once in a while) after 3000+ games and 319 wins and 7000+ kills, so take my word when I say this... DO NOT PLAY ON MOBILE.



Overall a very good battle royale experience. Lag was a big issue but as I moved to an S10+ it no longer exists. Loved playing this game on PC and mobile is almost as good, the only downside are the controls. They are very inaccurate and usually never aim at the target. Another problem is spawning late so there is a lack of loot in the area, apart from this graphics and gameplay are very good.



I really like it it's a very good Port you guys did a good job on fixing all of the problems you had previously, the only thing now is it could use a bit of policing it's still a bit laggy and the controls are still a bit awkward there's a little slow to use, other than that it's a great game I love it one of the best ports I've seen, and maybe at a button so you can pay to remove the ads, also multiplayer is extremely lucky for some reason.

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