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Developer: StayFree Apps
Categories: Work
Android version: 5.0+
Size: 25.4 MB
Downloads: 3
0 / 0
Updated: 31.01.2022
Limitations: Everyone


StayFree is a tool for controlling the time that a user spends at the screen of his gadget. Many people recognize the usefulness and even necessity of this application for Android.

Pros and functionalities of the application

StayFree will help you to more competently distribute your free and working time. It's no secret that many users literally suffer from telephone addiction. This, in turn, leads to the fact that they do not have enough time for more useful things.

If you are one of these, then this application for self-control, StayFree, will probably come in handy. Thanks to him, you can get accurate information about how much time was spent behind the screen of the gadget at certain time intervals. You can set time limits for both the use of the device as a whole and for work with each individual application. If this limit is exceeded, appropriate notifications will be displayed.

Why is it worth downloading this particular application:

  • According to many users, this is the best application of its kind;
  • It has a user-friendly intuitive interface;
  • At the same time, it gives the user the most accurate statistics on the use of the smartphone and applications;
  • Even when running in the background, StayFree will not slow down the device and will not consume much battery power;
  • Also, there are no intrusive ads here.

Thanks to the use of this time tracker, you can really overcome your telephone addiction at the very beginning, while maintaining concentration on pressing matters and not being distracted by social networks and other entertainment resources. Ultimately, StayFree will help you become more productive and experience all the delights of real life, not virtual life.

Among other great features of the application, it is worth noting the logging. Thanks to him, the user will be able to ratehow productively you use your smartphone and each individual application, how you manage to overcome your dependence on the phone.

By the way, the Journal can be exported to CSV or Microsoft Excel files for later viewing on your computer.

If it is not possible to control the time on your own, then, in addition to warning notifications, the developers have provided the ability to block one or another application for a while. For example, until tomorrow morning.

To support the user in his endeavor, the developers have even provided for the output of motivating quotes and statements - so that you can use your smartphone for entertainment less.

It is worth noting the nice visual implementation of the application. Moreover, the user can customize their own skins. You can also change the display options for the vemen.

Parents can use a password to lock their child's phone.

A customizable widget will help you visualize the intensity of device and application usage.

Many will love the ability to view the percentage of daily and monthly app usage through a pie chart.

Developers welcome to leave positive feedback about their product and wishes from real users. It is the feedback from them that allows them to further improve the functionality of StayFree.

By the way, for all its advantages, the StayFree application is offered for download and use for free.

StayFree for downloaded 3 times. StayFree is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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