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Clipbrd Beta

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Developer: Georgii Miroshnykov
Categories: Work
Android version: 4.0+
Size: 687.9 KB
Downloads: 25
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Updated: 16.11.2019
Limitations: Everyone


Clipbrd Beta is one of the best note taking apps. It is a free solution that can be conveniently used both from a mobile device and from a computer.

With Clipbrd Beta, you can easily start writing a note on your smartphone or tablet and, thanks to the synchronization offered by the service, continue working on your computer. With this program, you can synchronize two or more devices with each other for convenient continuation of work.

After downloading Clipbrd Beta to your smartphone or tablet, you need to open the application by clicking the "Open" button or by clicking the corresponding icon on the home screen, and create a free account to start using the application. You then need to enter the email address that will be used to register for Clipbrd Beta in the Email or Username field and click the Continue button or, alternatively, the Sign in with Google option to authenticate with your account Google entries.

After completing the creation of an account, you must click the "Add" symbol located on the main screen of Clipbrd Beta, and in the menu that opens, select one of the available options.

The application allows you to select the following processes:

  • camera to capture templates and / or notes in seconds.
  • attachment to add files to the note;
  • audio to insert audio notes;
  • reminder to enter a new reminder;
  • handwriting to write by hand on the display, or a text note to enter notes using your device's keyboard.

After clicking one of the above options, you need to click on the note title command located at the top, enter the title that must be assigned to the note that was opened, and start entering the desired text.

To format the text, you need to click the corresponding icon and in the menu that opens, click one of the available options (bold, italic, etc.). After finishing writing a note, you must click the checkmark in the upper left corner to save it.

Clipbrd Beta can be used absolutely free on an Android device with the ability to synchronize with other devices.

Clipbrd Beta can also be connected without problems with a computer, which will take a couple of minutes, after which you can continue working on multiple devices.

Clipbrd Beta for downloaded 25 times. Clipbrd Beta is distributed freely in the file type apk.

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  • Communication with mobile devices or PCs.
  • Supports work on smartphones and tablets.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • No payment required.
  • Allows you to customize notifications.


  • Registration errors.
  • Requires Google Chrome.
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